Why the giant advertising tarpaulins on construction sites will stay in Lyon

Are these giant advertising tarpaulins on the facade of Place Bellecour construction sites in Lyon doomed to disappear after the implementation of one of the most ambitious advertising reduction plans in France? (©TZ / News Lyon)

The facades of construction sites adorned with giant advertisements are almost part of the landscape on Place Bellecour, in Lyon, to the chagrin of the majority ecologist of the Metropolis which is undertaking one of the most ambitious plans to reduce advertising in France.

This new local intermunicipal advertising regulation (RLPi) provides for numerous measures, in particular a reduction in the regulatory size of advertising panels and business signs, the removal of thousands of advertisements, the ban on digital panels and illuminated signs.

Giant tarpaulins on construction sites will also be banned in Lyon, announces the Metropolis. However, “none” will disappear after the implementation of this plan in Lyon, according to Julien Aguettant, partner of Light Air, a company which deals with these giant advertising canvases in Lyon.

What are these giant ads for?

Light Air, a member of a collective uniting professionals and trade unions, prints and installs these advertising canvases on construction site scaffolding in Lyon. Julien Aguettant explains: “they are used to finance, depending on the cost and duration of the works, between 50% and 70% of the costs, i.e. 200,000 to 600,000 euros per site. »

We help owners who have work to do on historical monuments. It’s vital: a facelift on Place Bellecour is 6 times more expensive than normal due to standards for preserving heritage. Without this, due to a lack of funds and resources, private historic buildings would experience lower quality and less recurrent restoration.

Julien AguettantPartner at Light Air

Faced with the argument of the environmentalist executive attributing the ban on giant advertisements to, in addition to their ecological impact, a negative impact on the quality of life and on the urban landscape, Light Air retorts: “it is not demonstrated. The advertising tarpaulins hide an ugly scaffolding and bring in money to do a quality renovation”.

Advertising tarpaulins prohibited?

The Metropolis of Lyon and its president Bruno Bernard communicated last June on the ban on advertising tarpaulins.

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However, Philippe Guelpa-Bonaro, vice-president of the Metropolis of Lyon in charge of the reduction of advertisements, recognizes withLyon news : “the condominiums finance their renovation of facades by using these advertising tarpaulins. We have no say in this, it is the Architectes des Bâtiments de France who authorize them. »

So impossible for the moment, for us, to say if some will disappear and when.

Philippe Guelpa-BonaroVice-president of the Métropole de Lyon in charge of the reduction of advertisements

“They will all remain legal”

Which advertising tarpaulins in Lyon are affected by the new RLPi? “None”, says Julien Aguettant. “The large canvases that we see, as on Place Bellecour, are on historic, classified monuments, which do not depend on the RLPi or the environmental code, but on the heritage code. »

Today, in the metropolis, it is already forbidden to install a tarpaulin anywhere other than in front of a historic building. It will therefore not change anything, all the tarpaulins present are legal, will remain so and will continue to contribute to the renovation of Lyon’s heritage.

Julien AguettantPartner at Light Air

Philippe Guelpa-Bonaro still keeps these huge advertisements in his sights and states: “80% of condominiums do not have access to tarpaulins and therefore to financing, because they do not offer enough audience to advertisers, who focus in some areas where the audience is very strong. So Might as well ban tarps everywhere to avoid these inequalities. »

Julien Aguettant, who regrets “a lack of consultation and consideration”, sent a formal notice to the Metropolis asking them to rectify their communication: “they advertise on our ads, deceive their constituents”, asserts -he.

A public inquiry is underway from September 19 to October 19. The final text will be voted on in March 2023 for direct application. Light Air and the Métropole de Lyon, who oppose each other, are both calling to go there.

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