The first Breton factory for sports and electric bikes in Grand-Champ!

The Duault brothers, Adrien and Romain, and their sister Audrey with the manager of the mechanical workshop, Mathieu Boulo, a former professional cyclist. ©J.-MF

Since its creation in 2009 in the garage of the parents’ house in Moustoir-Ac, Adrisport the Breton bicycle brand put on the big gear. The Sarl of 2009/2010 has become a SAS beginning of 2018, and moved into the former premises of Toupargel, in Colpo.

At the Duault brothers, research, design, the desire to market different products encourage the clan to always see further, bigger hence the creation of a factory in Grand-Champ.

We are going to build an industrial unit for the assembly of sports and electric bicycles in Grand-Champ, on a reserved plot of 28,000 m2,

Adrien Duault and his sister Audrey.

On this land will take place a first modular unit of 6,000 m2 which should be doubled in surface a few months later (12,000m2). The Duault brothers have the firm intention of making Adrisport, a must-have brand in Brittany, France and well beyond European borders.

“He was even champion of Brittany”

The history of the Duault family and Adrisport dates back to 2009 : time during which the two brothers decide to work together. “We had passed the baccalaureate and then started higher education, but we didn’t like sitting behind a desk any more than that,” comments Adrien, having already designed or modified some of his bikes. Adrien then works on the design, the geometry, the shape of the tubes, in order to put on the market revamped bicycles, of good quality and above all ultra-light…

In class, I spent more time designing frames and new types of bikes than listening to lessons. Having quickly realized that I learned faster in the field, I invested myself on the technical level, while taking an interest in new technologies.

Adrian Duault.

The Iron Man of Athens

Romain and Adrien Duault.
Romain and Adrien Duault. ©J.-MF

It will be the same for his brother Romain: excellent athletespecialize in triathlon with various contributions. In Nice this year, next October at the Iron Man in Athens, Greece, etc.

Roman created the brand website and put into service a e-commerce platform. The two sisters are also part of the game: Audrey, administrative manager of the company, holds a Master’s degree in finance (Business School Essca of Angers). As for Louise, the youngest sister, she is preparing a Marketing Masters in alternation with Adrisport.

“We went from B2C to B2B”

From the first years of the launch of Adrisport, the Duault brothers were brought to the fore, but it was with the installation in Colpo that the development of SAS took off. “We have moved from B2C (commerce with individuals, via the Internet) to B2B, with the creation of a network of professional dealerswith no less than 200 points of sale throughout France“, specifies Audrey Duault. Restructured, the old building has become workshops, storage rooms, showroom etc.

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€20 million in 2023/2024

The workforce has doubled, going from two to five and then to ten employees, as well as the turnover having also experienced a development multiplied by two: more than 1 million euros in 2020, 3 million € in 2021 and a stated ambition to reach more than €20 million in 2023/24. Far from thwarting the development of the small company at the start (150 to 200 bikes), the health crisis was characterized as a catalyst.

From 1,500 bicycles produced in 2021, we will put more than 5,500 on the market in 2022 to reach more than 15,000 bicycles by the end of 2023.

Adrien Duault

A job-generating development since the young boss explains that he will have to recruit around twenty additional employees from 2023: cycle mechanics, managers, administrative staff.

“From the artisanal era to that of industry”

However, considering the development of the company, Adrisport will still find itself cramped in its premises, which have been enlarged and modernized.

We have therefore decided to take a new, additional step with the creation of a large, industrial production unit, located in Grand-Champ

Audrey and Adrien Duault.

On a plot of 28,000 m2 will be born on the foothills of the Landes de Lanvaux, an industrial structure for the assembly of sports but also electric bikes. It will also be the first Breton assembly plant for electric bicycles. The first construction work on the site should in principle start in the summer of 2023, so that the plant will be operational in September 2024.

Our choice fell on Grand-Champ because it is on the territory of [email protected] In addition, this town is a land of bicycles and then, we benefit from the support of Yves Bleunven, mayor of the town,

Audrey and Adrien Duault.

12 M. investment and 150 to 200 employees

Audrey Duault, administrative manager of the company and her two brothers in the current showroom of the company.
Audrey Duault, administrative manager of the company and her two brothers in the current showroom of the company. ©J.-MF

The production envisaged at the dawn of 2025 is around 30,000 muscle bikes and 15,000 electric bikes, with no less than 150 to 200 employees. An investment of around 12 million euros requiring fundraising.

Our desire is to continue on this manufacturing path, consisting in creating and designing the bicycles of tomorrow, perhaps even connected bicycles, while further establishing our brand and making it grow,

Adrian Duault.

“For the moment, we are continuing our momentum by designing, imagining and developing bicycles which, after modeling and then manufacturing (in Asia) are and will always be assembled by ourselves, including electric bicycles. Nothing has ever scared us. Challenger is innate with us! »

To best meet market expectations, enhance this first Breton bicycle assembly plant and perhaps one day of construction from A to Z, the productions carried out will be available under three distinct brands: Adrian of course, but also Loka, intended for large sports surfaces and a third whose name remains secret, for electric bicycles.

12 million euros will be needed to create this assembly unit. To find the funds, Adrisport officials are busy. “We are working on fundraising of around ten million, to be supplemented by bank loans,” indicates Audrey, in charge of finance within the company.

Adrisport: 7, ZA Bellevue, Colpo,

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