Oscar 2022 results won by Coda scandal, Dries, Jessica Chastain, Will Smith

in the n . categoryBest movie “CODA” Directed by Sian Heder defeats Dune for Denis Villeneuve, Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast, Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, King Richard: The Victorious Family of Marcus Green’s Reinaldo, Jane Campion’s Dog Claws, Drive My Car Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up, Paul’s Licorice Pizza by Thomas Anderson, and Guillermo … Read more

Tadeusz Rydzyk’s acquittal of charges against Lux Veritatis is a political issue

The case relates to a request for public information submitted by the Watchdog Civic Network to Lux Veritatis. The answer was finally given, but – as the agency asserts – it was too late and incomplete. The Prosecutor’s Office initially refused to prosecute the case, and then suspended it twice. Therefore, the association submitted a … Read more

How to Receive DVB-T2 / HEVC DVB-T Digital Terrestrial TV Warning Message

March 28 this year. A change in terrestrial parameters occurred in the Lubuskie and Dolnośląskie regions. Stations from MUX-1 (TVP ABC, Eska TV, Polo TV, Stopklatka, Antena HD, Stopklatka, TV Trwam, Fokus TV) and MUX-2 (TVN, TVN7, Polsat, Super Polsat, TV4, TV6, TV Puls, Puls 2) and MUX-4 (Events24) are broadcast in DVB-T2 / HEVC … Read more

KRRiT Email Complaints TVN7 License Extension

During subsequent votes, the National Broadcasting Council did not make a decision on whether or not to extend the TVN7 license. The license extension is supported by the following: Chairman Witold Kołodziejski, Vice President Teresa Bochwic and Elżbieta Więcławska-Sauk. Constantly against: Andrei Sapatovsky and Prof. Janos Kauki. Four votes are required to extend the license. … Read more

DVB-T2 / HEVC TVN Polsat TVP How to watch standard change reception problems in digital terrestrial television

The first phase was introduced on March 28 this year. in the Dolnośląskie and Lubuskie regions. The second phase was implemented on April 25 this year. It has already covered a much larger area of ​​the country, because Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship and the northwestern part of Mazowieckie voivodship. The change applies to well-known … Read more

TV market in 2019 Polsat is the leader in TV Trwam results

Polsat ranked first among the most popular TV stations in 2019. The average daily share of this channel decreased by 3.74% compared to 2018. It was 9.85 percent. – Produced by Nielsen Audience Measurement data, made available to the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal by Mediacom. The second is TVP1, whose share in the analysis period decreased by … Read more

Polish Catholic TV EWTN How to obtain a KRRiT license

The cost of a satellite license is PLN 10,000. zloty. It does not have to be covered by social broadcasters. In Poland, they include Radio Marija, Radio Fara, Radio Jasna Gora, Radio Orthodoxia, Radio Rodzina of the Diocese of Kalisz, Catholic Radio Zprosa Doi, Radio Ein Karim, Radio Skomilna Czarna and Catholic TV Serpino. Social … Read more

How to Receive DVB-T2 / HEVC MUX-3 TVP Polsat TVN Puls Changes the War Standard

Changing digital terrestrial television standards began on March 28 this year. From the Lubuskie and Dolnośląskie regions. From that day forward, MUX-1 (TVP ABC, Eska TV, Polo TV, Stopklatka, Antena HD, Stopklatka, TV Trwam, Fokus TV), MUX-2 (TVN, TVN7, Polsat, Super Polsat, TV4, TV6 , TV Puls, Puls 2) and MUX-4 (Events24) are broadcast according … Read more

How to Receive MUX-4 Polsat Box Mobile Digital Terrestrial TV APP UKE

In the summer of 2010, Info-TV-FM from Zamość won the mobile operator competition for digital terrestrial television. However, the DVB-H standard, in which the tests were conducted, did not spread in the world. In 2012, the company was acquired by Cyfrowy Polsat, and in June of the same year it began offering television channels with … Read more

ATM Grupa With an increase in revenue and profits, Netflix and Viaplay bridge the gap after ATM Entertainment

ATM Grupa’s revenue from production of series, TV shows and films increased year on year from PLN 81.79 to PLN 114.67 million. Last year’s data shows that we are quickly back on the path of stable growth. This was largely due to the diversification of the client portfolio and revenue-generating regions, thanks to which we … Read more