Warsaw. “The Clown” – a performance “written” by the audience

The Body Art Foundation has begun work on a new clown show. This time, Warsaw viewers (not only children!) will participate in its creation as part of the summer events of the “Flying Theater of Body Art” series. Photo by Jacek Wieczorkowski By the end of the summer of 2022, five actresses in fabulous costumes … Read more

Warsaw. The play “Hello, Dali” is available in the ADIT . database

The Drama and Theater Agency “ADiT” encourages you to learn about comedies that have succeeded in Australia and even in Hollywood. Today, its original translation into Polish is available. hello dali It is a play full of surreal humor, set in the fifties of the last century in Spain, and its heroes were the world’s … Read more

Edinburgh. Monodrama “The Intruder” at Summerhall Theater Festival

Remy Rachopa and Ed Littlewood Productions invite you to the monodrama “The Intruder”, which will take place from 3-14 August as part of the Summerhall Festival in Edinburgh. Photo courtesy of Cindy Derby interfering | the intruder It is a monolingual bilingual (English-Polish) autobiography that tells the story of a Polish man who moves from … Read more

On the centenary of the birth of the painter, stage designer and founder of the theater Joseph Zagna

100 x tart. Józef Szajna’s Freedom” is the title of the largest exhibition dedicated to the prominent artist Józef Szajna, who celebrates his 100th birthday this year. Due to the drama of the Ukrainians, who have suffered unimaginable harm as a result of Russian aggression, the exhibition takes on a unique dimension. Its subject matter … Read more

Waiting for Godo Platonov | e-teatr.pl

“Platonov” Anton Chekhov directed by Magorzata Pogagyowska at the Silesian Theater in Katowice, Magdalena Mikrot Magyrank writes for Teatrologia.info. Photo: Przemysław Jendroska / mat. stage To play Chekhov or not? Is it appropriate to compare the works of Russian authors during the war? Robert Talarczyk, director of the Silesian Theater in Katowice, stepped up during … Read more

Gdansk. Shakespeare Theater invites you to upcoming events

The comedy “The Merry Wives of Windsor” and the operetta “Carmaniola or from Sasa de Lhasa” directed by Bowie Einer, produced with the Faberzen Theatre, return to the boards of directors of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre. We also invite you, next June, to another interview in the series “The Philosopher’s Deficit”. Conversations about the present … Read more

Warsaw. We know the program for the 29th Street Art Festival

The International Street Art Festival will be held in Warsaw for the 29th time. This year, it will host artists from Poland, Ukraine and South Korea, and the festival venues will be Rynek Nowe Miasto, Park Szczęśliwicki and Plac Defilad. The festival program includes alternative theatres, circus art, shows, comedy dell’arte, and mobile puppet theatres. … Read more

Eye of the Spectator: Virgin of Orleans | e-teatr.pl

“The Virgin of Orleans” Friedrich Schiller, der. Ewelina Marciniak of the National Theater in Mannheim, performed at the 42nd Warsaw Theater Meetings. Ewa Bk writes for Okiem Spectrza’s blog. Photo by Natalia Melczak During the 42nd Warsaw Theater meetings, we were able to see a theatrical performance of the National Theater in Mannheim titled The … Read more

Wroclaw. Conference “Polish theater scenography of recent and future years”

The conference concludes the Open University flagship course for research “Here there was a change of scenes … the scenography of Polish theater of the twentieth century” implemented by the Jerzy Grotowski Institute in the season 2021/2022 in cooperation with the Polish Theater Encyclopedia, the Virtual Museum of the Sing and the Theater Museum. Henryk … Read more

average in the middle | e-teatr.pl

“Terribly Funny, based on Terribly Sad”, based on Fred Apke’s play, dir. Ewa Kaym at the Call of the Old National Theater in Krakow. Artur Grabowski writes at the Teatrologia.info portal. Image. Image. stage It was supposed to be funny at first, then sad and philosophical, and finally tragic. This difficult lump of contrasts can … Read more