The last five of the Gdynia Prize for Drama. This year, again without the festival R @ port Serwis Kultura

The National Gdynia Drama Prize Competition was established by the Mayor of Gdynia in 2007 as an extension and supplement to the R @ Port Festival of Contemporary Polish Play that had been established two years earlier. mat. Press releases/photo. Roman Gaucher Of the 210 plays submitted to the 15th edition of the Gdynia Drama … Read more

Warsaw. Summer season from Flying Body Art Theater

Two fashion shows will open in Wola (May 26 – “Flower Power” and June 1 – “Kodaki”) the summer season of the Flying Body Art Theater, where up to 60 different shows and performances will be presented. Photo by Matilda Durca The Summer Season of the Body Art Foundation will be full of many attractions. … Read more

The lodge. Sleeping in Chorea . Theater

Chorea Theater and Art Factory invites children from 6 years old to a great night out. During the event, we will go back a bit in time and revitalize the best forgotten backyard games and fun Photo: mat. Organizer Event description: During the event, we’ll go back a bit in time and reinvigorate the backyard … Read more

Poznan. We know the winners of the 33rd Children and Youth Performing Arts Competition

Below we present the jury’s verdict for the 33rd Children’s Theatrical Art Contest for Children and Youth, organized by the Children’s Arts Center in Poznan. Photo: mat. Organizer The jury of the second stage, consisting of: Michal Poszevic, Justina Czarnotta, Joanna Krakowska, Halina Waszkiel and Joanna Zigowska, decided to award the following prizes: Two equal … Read more

The Academy Awards ceremony celebrates its 93rd birthday. What was the beginning of this great film festival? – Date

Katharine Hepburn Photo: Cinema Legacy Collection / The Hollywood Archive / PAP / Photoshot Raised in the shadow of tragedy She was the daughter of urologist Thomas Norval Hepburn and women’s rights activist Kathryn Martha Houghton. She had four younger siblings and an older brother, Tom, who hanged himself when he was only fifteen. Perhaps … Read more

Music sources 2022. We know the best contemporary folk music artists – Wiadomości

Bastarda and SutariPhoto: mat. presses. About creating the program “Tamoj” Said Barbara Songin of the band Sutari, who will perform this time in a duet. “Tamoj” means “over there,” not quite far. It’s a story about cultural boundaries inspired by the work of… Adam Mickiewicz. The artists focused on the context of “stories and romance” … Read more

Most importantly, it doesn’t fit with the words that often fool us – it fits

Art is part of a crisis that has affected us all – and the two-thousand-year-old paradigm may collapse before our very eyes. Is it possible to build the world on Christian principles, or is it better to abandon the thought of Christianity, since it has not yet succeeded? It might be better, but what in … Read more

The beauty of his art is raw

In the fifties of the last century, while studying theater design, graphics and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Josef Zagna was closely watching the Polish theater of that time. He was offended by the follies, inhibitions, stereotypes, and cliches prevalent on the stage. What troubles theater is turning away from life … Read more

Skiernivtsi. The project “Theater – Social Art” and the podcast “People of the Theatre”.

Teatr Realistyczny started the project “Theater – Social Art”. The project includes a one-year course for people involved in creating and educating theater, who wish to use theater in processes that seek social change. The finale was combined with the conference to be held in October.In addition, Teatr Realistyczny produces the podcast “People of the … Read more

“Voices from the End of the World” is the slogan for the 36th Contemporary Art Days [PROGRAM]

Contemporary Art Days is one of the oldest festivals on the cultural map of Białystok. He has always dealt with the problems and challenges of the modern world. This year it will be no different. The 36th edition of the festival begins on May 23. picture: Anna Kulikowska From left: Grażyna Dworakowska and Katarzyna Kruszewska … Read more