Meloradio playlist music changes on weekend mornings without a lecturer

Meloradio playlist music changes on weekend mornings without a lecturer

Meloradio was launched on September 4, 2017. On the same frequencies in 22 cities, it replaced ZET Gold Radio, which broadcast the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The radio station broadcasts music in an “easy listening” format. The announcer explains that “a mixture of hit songs from the past five decades with … Read more

The Academy Awards ceremony celebrates its 93rd birthday. What was the beginning of this great film festival? – Date

Katharine Hepburn Photo: Cinema Legacy Collection / The Hollywood Archive / PAP / Photoshot Raised in the shadow of tragedy She was the daughter of urologist Thomas Norval Hepburn and women’s rights activist Kathryn Martha Houghton. She had four younger siblings and an older brother, Tom, who hanged himself when he was only fifteen. Perhaps … Read more

Music sources 2022. We know the best contemporary folk music artists – Wiadomości

Bastarda and SutariPhoto: mat. presses. About creating the program “Tamoj” Said Barbara Songin of the band Sutari, who will perform this time in a duet. “Tamoj” means “over there,” not quite far. It’s a story about cultural boundaries inspired by the work of… Adam Mickiewicz. The artists focused on the context of “stories and romance” … Read more

STUDIO PILOTS – – the latest information from the media, marketing, advertising and public relations industries

HUBERT KASZYCKI CREATIVE / MANAGING PARTNER Address and contact water. Shipyard 530-709 KrakowPhone: 696779300 management team Hubert Kaszycki – Creative / Managing PartnerEdyta Kopytko – Operations Manager / Managing PartnerBernard Wojcic – Production Director / Managing Partner Construction year: 2018 Number of Employees: 22 Selected campaigns 2021: 1. Virtual jumping studio for the 2021/2022 World … Read more

“The guy who helped the bigbit.” Andrzej Korzyński’s funeral today – Wiadomości

On April 18, 2022, Andrzej Korzyński, a composer, arranger, pianist, film composer and popular musician, passed away. The composer was one of the founders of the youth studio “Rytm” on Polish Radio. The works of Andrzej Korzyński influenced the imagination of the younger for dozens of years. On April 18, 2022, Andrzej Korzyński, a composer, … Read more

TVP “Wiadomości” attacked Lis, Tadla and Krachka, accusing them of repeating Russian propaganda –

10/05/2022, 06:26 The archival title of “Wiadomości” was called up by Adrian Borecki several times in the material (Image: East News) TVP “Wiadomości” attacked Tomasz Liss, Beata Tadla and Pyotr Krachka in the main issue on Monday, accusing them of repeating Russian propaganda while they were working on TVP. There was also another attack on … Read more

Wieńczysław Gliński. More than a hundred roles in front of the camera – history

Portrait of Leon Schiller (second from left) with Karol Szymanowski, Ryszard Boleslavsky and Wincenti Drabeck during a rehearsal at the Polish Theatre, 1920.Photo: Bologna Leon Schiller was a man of contradiction, but, paradoxically, this was perhaps his most important value. Paradox is a feature often found in artists who, by their above-average sensitivity in their … Read more

canons of beauty. Garden art throughout history – Jedynka

Throughout history, garden art has shaped the canons of beauty. The royal, polar and city parks changed the landscape and showed the artistic background of a particular era. The most famous baroque gardens in Europe belonged to the rulers. The gardens are designed to emphasize the unique beauty of the place. They were separated from … Read more

Rembrandt masterpiece in Poland. An exhibition with the famous “Polish Knight” opened in azienki Królewskie – Wiadomości

Zygmunt Vogel portrait from 1823Photo: Aleksander Kokular/National Museum in Warsaw/Wikimedia Commons/DP Landscape inventory in Warsaw Most of Vogel’s watercolors and drawings depict Warsaw – the city in which he spent most of his life. The painter immortalized both city buildings (eg Nowy Świat street or Krakowskie Przedmieście) and the surrounding landscape – the latter can … Read more

Supporting Ukraine after the war. Szynkowski vel Sęk: Poland among the most ambitious countries – Polskie Radio 24

The International Donors’ Conference for Ukraine took place at the National Stadium in Warsaw on May 5, with the aim of raising funds for the war-torn country. The initiators of the conference are the Prime Ministers of Poland and Sweden, Mateusz Morawiecki and Magdalena Andersen, and the event partners are European Council President Charles Michel … Read more