The little hedgehog unscrewed his sledge. Ok with a new album in Gdansk

Contemporary music seems to have as many fans as its opponents. Songs in a free and lively atmosphere make you play quickly. Especially the younger generation. As it happens in the world of music, you have to sift a lot to find a real gem – something interesting and distinctive in a particular musical style. … Read more

Sanuk. Championship at Rekiny UKS Club. Competition and prizes for children (photos) | portal | Sanuk TV – News – Announcements

Sanuk/Podkarpase. Our third MOSiR Sanok SHARK Swimming Championship is behind us at Sanok Sports Rehabilitation Center. The competition was held at a distance of 25 meters freestyle and breaststroke for boys and girls, and 50 meters freestyle and breaststroke for boys and girls. – The turnout was huge and the audience was reliable. The 2017 … Read more

Artwork worth millions. Here are paintings and sculptures that have fetched millions of dollars at auctions in Poland

Art lovers are rubbing their hands eagerly, because on March 17, the auction house DESA Unicum will offer for auction Peter Paul Rubens’ masterpiece “Portrait of a Lady” from the 17th century. The painting has a chance to become the most expensive selling artwork in Poland. Before we find out, the painting will be available … Read more

Ski jumping. World Cup on the green hill. Fantasy or trampling on tradition?

– The problem is in the power and strength of football – so said the late president of the International Skating Union, Gian Franco Casper, in 2015, when debate began about the possible conflict between the World Cup and the winter sports season. FIFA’s decision to award Qatar the right to host the World Cup … Read more

[] Sports, music, fashion and movies – the power of night experiences

Last Friday, another version of the popular event was held. – There was a dinner together, a movie show, and, of course, an overnight at school. The highlight of the program was the meetings between young people and exceptional guests – confirms Pyotr Malinovsky, director of the school and kindergarten complex in Zub. Aleksandra Krol … Read more

Adam Godzik on Tauron Nowa Muzyka: We took a risk and we’re still risking it

Alexander the Devil – This fight is costing me a lot of health. Both physically and mentally — says Adam Godzik of More Music, co-organizer of the Torun Noa Musica Festival in Katowice. This year’s edition of the event started on Thursday 29 July and will run through Sunday 1 August. The main concerts will … Read more