[WYWIAD] Robert Listoan on the photo of Andrei Pedrzeki: …

Robert Listoan is an Olsztyn painter, illustrator and graphic artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and returned to the capital of Warmia and Mazury. As he assures, he feels his best here. We talked to him about his creativity, his limitations and his inspiration as well as the football environment … Read more

The city did not receive government support for…

Piotr Grzymowicz, Mayor of Olsztyn, admitted in an interview with us that the city incurs significant expenses related to helping Ukrainian citizens who have found shelter in our city. He noted that the local government received money from the government, but could not spend it. Krzysztof Jozek, a spokesperson for Voivodeship Artur Shojicci, pointed out … Read more

A high school student from Olsztyn received a prize in an international competition

Olsztyn’s high school student, Alicja Lenkiewicz, was a finalist for the Queen Elizabeth’s International Engineering and Innovation Competition. Its award-winning design was inspired by Olsztyn Castle. “I live in a city where Nicholas Copernicus watched and studied the sky from the castle,” she wrote in the app. Every year, thousands of designers between the ages … Read more

A resident of Giżycko was supposed to kill his mother: “The movie …

On Wednesday, a trial was held in Olsztyn District Court in connection with the murder of a 60-year-old man from Gekko. The crime was allegedly committed by her son, who was an alcoholic. This tragic event occurred on the night of August 3-4, 2021 in one of the blocks in Giżycko. Police officers did not … Read more

Connects traditional music. An example is the Joy Orchestra, which is made up of three families. one of olstein [WIDEO]

All roads lead to the Joy Orchestra made up of three families. One comes from Olsztyn, the other is from Stara Huta near Garwolin, and the third is from Kalisz. It is divided by kilometers, but it is connected by music. It gives them the power to compose music. Without traditional music, I would not … Read more