[24tp.pl] Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz paints jelly art

The party was held on June 15 in the Municipal Cultural Center of Novi Targ and was a special evening, because it was an opportunity to meet the master. Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz has been passionate about creating images using the gel art technique he invented for 20 years.He is a Nowy Targ by birth. He … Read more

Two and a half children are a granddaughter, which is the result of 192 million views of “Liska łakomczuszka” on YouTube. square ball

Zbigniew Bartuś Dad, are you still chasing after: “Kulfon”, “Tinned-off”, “Four Elephants” etc? How long does it take for a guy to stop obsessing over nursery rhymes? – That was the question that Maguzia, my eldest daughter, asked me. At six in the morning, after three in the morning, the eight-month-old twins wake up. Her … Read more

[24tp.pl] Sports, music, fashion and movies – the power of night experiences

Last Friday, another version of the popular event was held. – There was a dinner together, a movie show, and, of course, an overnight at school. The highlight of the program was the meetings between young people and exceptional guests – confirms Pyotr Malinovsky, director of the school and kindergarten complex in Zub. Aleksandra Krol … Read more

War and Ukraine through the eyes of Katarzyna Oza, a Polish guide from Lviv

Ireneos Dashko Katarzina Oza was finishing her book “Ukraine. Soroczka and Pickled Watermelons”, when Russian troops gathered on the Ukrainian border. – My first thought on February 24th was: Finally. Previously, there was enormous tension in Ukraine, he says. From the conclusion of your new book: “Ukrainians used to threaten a Russian invasion, like the … Read more

Andrzej Muszyński: I live in the cradle of humanity

katarzina kachelle I would like my book to reach the members of the jury. So they can read about prehistoric times, about the ancestors who lived here hundreds and thousands of years ago, and whose relics can still be found in the nearby caves – says Andrzej Muszyński, writer, reporter, poet, traveler and author of … Read more

war economy. Does Russia have the money to conquer the world?

Kazimierz Dadak The predictions before the Russian invasion of Ukraine heralded a short conflict. Kyiv was to be occupied in a few days, and then the Americans offered President Zelensky a speedy evacuation. Meanwhile, the fourth week of fighting ended and the Ukrainians did not lay down their weapons. Such high assessments of Russian military … Read more