Socialist realism. Kitsch elevated to the rank of art?

The term “socialist realism” was first used on May 23, 1932. It appeared in one of the articles in the journal “Literaturna Gazeta”, which called on rebellious Russian authors to submit to the new political line and force them to abandon “unconventional” works. The socialist direction in art was announced in 1934 at the Congress … Read more

Neanderthals. New research revolutionizes knowledge about them

In recent years, knowledge of species neanderthal Significantly expanded. Although it is still difficult to find an answer to many questions, we can still talk about a revolution in the perception of Neanderthals. For decades, Neanderthals were treated as close relatives of animals rather than wise man. This view has begun to reverse in recent … Read more

Impressive and unknown. Ancient Roman ruins outside Italy

The Roman Empire covered a very large area, from today’s Spain, through France, Italy, the Balkans, Asia Minor, and North Africa. Roman culture developed in all areas conquered by the Romans. In some places, ruins from Roman times have survived to our times – some are in remarkably good condition. Hercules Tower, Spain The Tower … Read more

Summer Hot Disco 2022 in Świecie. There will be two tours with music: pop, dance, hip-hop and indiepop, disco polo Świecie

The organizers want to satisfy the tastes of all residents, which is why this year’s Summer Hot Disco will be in Świecie in two editions. The hip-hop, pop, indie-pop and disco music beloved by fans in the region will resonate Summer Hot Disco has been organized in a secular amphitheater since 2019. The creator of … Read more

Donzilla has been arrested. Was there a fatal error? – right

In early spring this year, police announced that they had thwarted the sale of the painting allegedly stolen during the war. This painting is a unique original work of Polish painter Eduard Oko, entitled “Dunzel”. -The first thought was that it was a complete misunderstanding, because while preparing the painting for auction, we gathered a … Read more

Will the Synod allow adoption of same-sex couples?

In early May, “pro-life” testimonies praising the adoption of children by same-sex couples appeared on the official website of the Synod of Bishops (, hosted by the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops. Three stories were submitted by Noel Therese Thompson, President of the Synod of the Diocese of the Immaculate Conception in Hendersonville, … Read more

“Marxism and Revolution” – book review

Some consider environmental movements or equality marches as examples of the implementation of Karl Marx’s ideas in the modern world. Others, in turn, object to the very idea of ​​neo-Marxism, considering it a term devoid of scientific value. In their opinion, it was introduced by some right-wing politicians as part of their populist discourse in … Read more

Archicollegiate in Tom. Unusual monument and some unique paintings

All Polish kings prayed here (except for the fugitive Wallis). Three princes of Piast, sons of Boleslav Krzyusti – Boleslav Kordzyrzawy, Good Kazimierz and Henrik Sandomiersky – came to solemn consecration on May 21, 1161. The latter was previously a participant in the Crusades on the Holy Land, who died during the battles with Prussia … Read more

Cosa Nostra, Caravaggio and the FBI

The following text is an excerpt from the book.Secret Gallery. What artists hide in their masterpieces? by Joanna Łynek-Barszcz and Przemysław Barszcz and published by Zona Zero Publishing House. Object type: photoAuthor: Michelangelo Merisi da CaravaggioDate of birth and death of the artist: 1571-1610Title: The Shepherds’ Worship of St. Francis and Lawrence”Creation Date: 1609Technique: oil … Read more

Books Anytime, Anywhere – Audio book as an alternative to traditional books – Wprost

When tradition and comfort are at stake, the scales of victory often tilt to the other side. Especially when it comes to carrying heavy and bulky books versus the entire library in your pocket. Over 100,000 audiobooks on your phone It is futile today to search for a person who has nothing to do with … Read more