The Tina Turner movie is now available on HBO Max. For years she has been a victim of physical and psychological violence – Entertainment Wprost

Directed by Academy Award winner Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, the HBO documentary “Tina” is produced by a company founded by Academy Award winning producer Simon Chin and Emmy Award winner Jonathan Chen and Emmy Award-nominated producer Diane Baker. The creators offer viewers an intimate portrait of music icon Tina Turner. In the picture they … Read more

“Voices from the End of the World” is the slogan for the 36th Contemporary Art Days [PROGRAM]

Contemporary Art Days is one of the oldest festivals on the cultural map of Białystok. He has always dealt with the problems and challenges of the modern world. This year it will be no different. The 36th edition of the festival begins on May 23. picture: Anna Kulikowska From left: Grażyna Dworakowska and Katarzyna Kruszewska … Read more

[WYWIAD] Robert Listoan on the photo of Andrei Pedrzeki: …

Robert Listoan is an Olsztyn painter, illustrator and graphic artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and returned to the capital of Warmia and Mazury. As he assures, he feels his best here. We talked to him about his creativity, his limitations and his inspiration as well as the football environment … Read more

Museum Night 2022 awaits [PROGRAM]Biaystok Online Municipal Portal Białystok (Bialystok), Page 1

The only night this year – The Long Museum Night is fast approaching. As usual, institutions from Bialystok and those in the region have prepared a rich and attractive programme. On May 14, it is worth going “to the city” and participating in events. picture: Grzegorz Chuczun Museum Night 2017 European Museum Night is a … Read more

TV market in 2019 Polsat is the leader in TV Trwam results

Polsat ranked first among the most popular TV stations in 2019. The average daily share of this channel decreased by 3.74% compared to 2018. It was 9.85 percent. – Produced by Nielsen Audience Measurement data, made available to the portal by Mediacom. The second is TVP1, whose share in the analysis period decreased by … Read more

The trailer for CODA’s Oscars story opens as you witness Hollywood history for a new chapter

The Academy Award for Best Picture went to “CODA,” which tells the musical aspirations of a hearing daughter who grew up in a deaf family. It was presented by Lady Gaga and Lisa Minnelli, who this year celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Oscar-winning role in 1972’s Kabaret. Oleszczyk said, “This is the first time … Read more

How to get the HBO Max show-price ad discount 33 percent.

HBO Max incl. It will start on the Polish market on March 8. The site will replace HBO GO. Existing users will have to update software on mobile devices (iOS and Android smartphones and tablets), TVs with Smart TV (Android TV, Tizen, WebOS), and consoles (PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X/S ). Existing HBO … Read more

How to Download HBO Max Polsat Box + UPC Vectra Channel End of HBO GO Promo

The new website has replaced HBO GO. Existing users must download the HBO Max app from the Store with the software for the operating system they are using. For Android TV / Google TV or Android smartphones, this is the Play Store. For iPhones, it’s the App Store. The login and password information for the … Read more

“Ślicznotka” will be shot with a galaxy of stars in Michałów and Białystok

Podlasie creates an enchanting scene in many films. Places, landscapes, and people are attracting more filmmakers. In April, the shooting of a new film “Ślicznotka” will begin in Michalów and Białystok. picture: press material “Ślicznotka” is a feature film directed by Dominic Matwijczyk. The first slap on set will take place on April 28 in … Read more