Best Modern Books – TOP 10 📚

Imagine that tonight is a holiday. You are sitting in a comfortable armchair and beside it a cup of your favorite tea. Spring rain is falling outside the window, and as you know, the sound of falling drops is the best soundtrack for reading. What book are you holding in your hands? It is well … Read more

The sirens will melt with the memory of the Smolensk disaster

“Smoleńsk” will be broadcast on TVP1 on Saturday at 21:35. The main roles in the film were played by Beata Vido, Maciej Butorak, Aldona Strozik and Lech Lutoki. The film “Smolensk” was shown in cinemas in the fall of 2016, and soon reached the top of the ranking of the worst films in the world … Read more

Eccentric music. GusGus is back after years

April 9, 2022 at 10:30 am author: Matthews Grön Stroboscope, powerful bass and 90’s fun. Is there techno with a touch of nostalgia? And yes. This was proven by the band GusGus, who were said to be the legend of electronic music. On Friday evening, B90 mastered concert sounds as part of their “Mobile Home” … Read more

Art therapy, or art therapy. “You don’t have to understand it to love it”

April 9, 2022 at 10:00 author: Alexander and Ron Ewa Świder combined her two passions – art and a willingness to help others. mat. Press releases / Photo by Carolina Orzechowska “Creativity heals us” — says Ewa Aweider, an art therapist who works with children and adults. In an interview with our website, she talked … Read more

License KRRiT TVN7 MUX-2 TV Republika Michał Winnicki TV Trwam

The National Broadcasting Council postpones the decision to extend the TVN7 license. After February 25, the station may terminate its terrestrial broadcast. More satellite broadcasting will be possible thanks to the Dutch license. If the Council does not extend the Polish license, it will announce a new competition for a place in MUX-2 digital terrestrial … Read more

K. Zalasińska: The Center for Cultural Aid in Ukraine is a corollary of the tasks that form the basis of NID | Happen or occur

The competencies and experience of the National Heritage Institute as well as many years of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation created the basis for action to save Ukrainian cultural heritage in the face of Russian aggression. The director of the National Institute of Culture, Dr. Katarzina Zaleska. Polish News Agency: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – Noting … Read more

Light music, heavy intelligence | polyphony

Half of American pop culture today tells the story of the opioid crisis in the United States. After the high-profile trials and collapse of Purdue Pharm, the OxyContin product — initially advertised, as we already know, as a “non-addictive” opioid — books appeared (also published by us). drug addicts Beth Macy) and series (DubcekPreviously, it … Read more

Unusual weather phenomenon! Lightning like.. trees?! This movie is amazing and terrifying – Super Express

Author: Pixabay An amazing weather phenomenon has been recorded in Kansas. Lightning bolts looked like branching trees. Illustrative image. Lightning from the ground to the clouds is a very rare climatic phenomenon, but it is also very dangerous. However, it looks delightful because its shape resembles a branched tree. Brilliant lightning was recently photographed, and … Read more