the perfect beginner’s guide!

Do you want to conquer a new market? You must have a well-defined external email database. This email file, which helps to generate leads and obtain a high conversion rate, can be purchased or rented. If you have never heard of renting an email file, this guide is for you! Why do you need a … Read more

Immersive experience, AI and cloud, at the heart of Gartner’s Hype Cycle

Gartner has just delivered its Hype Cycle on emerging technologies in 2022. Three main themes emerge from this ranking, immersive experiences (Web3, metavers, super apps, NFT), AI automation (the generation of machine code learning, causal AI,…) and the cloud (extended Finops, data observability, OpenTelemetry,…). This is always a moment awaited by CIOs and directors in … Read more

Electronic cigarettes, marketing tools to target young people in South Korea

Escaping the legislation on tobacco products, the material used for electronic cigarettes is now used as a marketing medium by manufacturers. In a letter to the journal Tobacco Prevention & Cessation, two members of Korea’s National Tobacco Control Center point out how vaping companies are using e-cigarette material as marketing material in South Korea[1]. In … Read more