Onet Lifestyle Małgorzata Ohme Dominika Olszyna Marta Wierzbicka Anna Pietraszek-Sawicka Where to watch when

Each week, the program will expand on a different lifestyle theme and present them from different perspectives. Each episode will reflect the personality of the host. The first three episodes of “Onet Styl Życia” will include: #dobrostan with Małgorzata Ohme, #design with Anna Pietraszek-Sawicka and Dominika Olszyna, and #city with Marta Wierzbicka. Coordination will be … Read more

The best music for meditation, or a way to relax

Meditation sounds, or What is meditation? It seems to meditate, so what is it really? What is meditation and why? We can deal with these kinds of sounds every day. We often come across this type of music, sometimes completely subconsciously, but intuitively feel its intended purpose. Meditation is a term taken from the Latin … Read more

Tadeusz Rydzyk’s Trwam Television received millions from the government. Why?

We wrote about the finances of Father Tadeusz Redzek, among others, in February of this year, when the director of Radio Marija appealed to the public for subsidies. The Redemptorist encouraged support, describing the activities of the Our Future Foundation, including. Organizing journalism workshops for young people and co-financing the research of the Institute of … Read more

Poland will provide fuel to Ukrainian farmers and open ports for them. It is part of the EU package

The European Commission notes that the EU’s food security is not currently at risk. But the community authorities want to help other countries and regions – for example Ukraine. One component of the assistance is the supply of fuel to Ukrainian farmers from Poland. The European Commission today announced a strategy to support food security … Read more

Children’s Books – We recommend novelties for school-aged children

Richard Cusick: Thanks to a series of feature films, Mikołajki is experiencing his third youth (or even a third life): they have been watched by hundreds of thousands of former children (“Mikołajki” and “Mikoajka Holidays”). Now we can readNicholas treasure(Emoticon Mark) and watch his movie version. In the book you’ll find plenty of movie stills … Read more

Everything is bothering you and are you tired? Bet on Self-Care and ‘Lovers’ at Home – Super Express

Author: press material self care Our lives usually go by very quickly, which makes forgetting yourself easy. Valentine’s Day has its loyal supporters and opponents, but it must be admitted that there are not many days when we expect celebration and devotion to pleasure. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Some will spend it in their … Read more

Polsat, Top Rated TV Viewers Would Like To Get Rid Of Trwam And TVP Info

For the sixth time, the Wavemaker Media House has tested the positions and wages of terrestrial television recipients in the Cyfrowizja VI project. The Cyfrowizja project does not show the diminishing importance of television to viewers. This will be visible in the pay-TV portion and in the terrestrial TV data currently discussed. Television, of course, … Read more