Money Heist Review: Korea (Series, 2022)

REVIEW / SERIES REVIEW – With “Money Heist: Korea” Netflix offers an almost identical remake of “La casa de papel” which therefore has the qualities but serves as a repetition for fans of the Spanish series. Transposition in Korea for The casa de papel It won’t take long for that The casa de papel be … Read more

Casino, largest rise in the SBF 120 at mid-session on Friday August 5, 2022 – – 08/05/2022 at 12:22 p.m.

(AOF) – Casino (+ 4.43% to 12.96 euros) The big sign holds the rope of the SBF. The title finds the favor of the investors for a few days which irons with the purchase. Over one week, it gained +10.85%, after six months marked by a drop in price (-35.68%). AOF – LEARN MORE Key … Read more

“Polluter”, “criminal” … Internet users urge celebrities to get off their private jets

From Taylor Swift to Bernard Arnault, pressure is mounting on celebrities, politicians and big business owners to limit their travel by carbon-intensive private jet. Their flights are scrutinized on social networks: from Taylor Swift to Bernard Arnault, the pressure is growing on celebrities, political figures and big bosses to limit their travel by private jet … Read more

WWE Money In The Bank 2022 Results

Complete WWE Money In The Bank 2022 results. WWE This Saturday evening is WWE Money In The Bank 2022. Two Superstars, a man and a woman, will leave with a briefcase opening the door to a major title in the more or less near future while a few titles will be at stake during this … Read more

its carbon emissions increased by 18% in 2021

Like other tech giants, Amazon is trying to reduce its environmental impact. The company has also set goals to achieve carbon neutrality. However, given the nature of the e-commerce giant’s business, achieving these goals is far from easy. Moreover, in 2021, instead of falling, Amazon’s carbon emissions have increased. This week, Amazon released its annual … Read more

How to build a (good) business plan?

Update from an article published on August 30, 2021 TL; DR: A quality business plan is exhaustive and fluid, it reflects the vision and the reliability of the entrepreneur. The form must be as neat as the content: concise and clear. It is divided into three parts: descriptive, financial and operational summary. Clearly articulate your … Read more