Important Arab delegations at the French Healthcare, innovation & Business forum in Paris

PARIS: The French Healthcare, Innovation & Business forum, organized on September 19 and 20 at the premises of the association, French4care, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, brought together many foreign delegations, including those from the Middle East. Among them, representatives of the National Center for Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships and the Ministries of Health and Investment of Saudi Arabia (PPP); the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Medical Supply and Medical Technology Management (UPA); the Bait al-Batterjee group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or the Bahrain Economic Development Agency in France.

“We want more participation of French companies in our hospitals as well as partnerships in joint projects in health care”, explains Hani Nasser Alsaigh, vice-president Marketing strategy and knowledge management within the PPP to Arab News in French, specifying that his organization maintains cooperative relations with many French companies and organizations such as Business France and the Mouvement des entreprises de France (Medef).

For his part, Dr. Anshul Govila, Executive Strategy Director of the Bait al-Batterjee group, a company specializing in the construction of turnkey hospitals, explains that the group has built hospitals in many Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Egypt and more recently in Morocco. “Our area of ​​expertise lies in the design, construction and management of hospital structures,” he specifies. “Our presence at this forum aims to transmit French know-how in the health sector. The French Healthcare association did a wonderful job in organizing this event which brought together representatives of the structures and organizations

health in many countries. He adds that “the French model in health care should be exported to other countries in the world. We have already concluded partnerships with our German partners, our group now wishes to conclude partnerships with French companies”, he reveals.

Represented by Amara Abdelaziz of the UPA, Egypt wishes to integrate and increase cooperation between Egypt and France in the field of health care. “In Egypt, we need to restructure our healthcare offerings as part of the Vision 2030 strategy for universal health insurance,” Amara Abdelaziz told Arab News in French. “We want to expose our experience and our opportunities to French companies, especially those specializing in medical equipment and products.” He specifies that his organization signed, on September 20, a partnership agreement with the French Healthcare association to ensure the presence of French companies during the holding of the African Health Conference scheduled for June 2023.

For his part, Kamel Benloukil, director of the Bahrain Economic Development Agency in France, underlines that the country has opportunities for cooperation and investment in niche sectors such as the specialty of rehabilitation or the production of medicines. generics.

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