Is John Paul II guilty of concealing pedophilia? The movie “The Glass House” gives a clear answer

Is John Paul II guilty of concealing pedophilia? Was he covering up the perpetrators of sexual abuse in the church? Was it his decisions that left American Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and influential Mexican clergyman Marcial Maciel unpunished for so long? Polina Jozek’s movie “Glass House” answers these questions. Is it true that the Polish Pope … Read more

Russia and Ukraine war. today’s report. Information on the situation in Ukraine. Tuesday 17 May

The photo was taken during a visit of journalists to Mariupol organized by the Russian army. Shows the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area of ​​the Azovstal mineral complex The first war crimes trial in Ukraine began in Kyiv, and a 21-year-old soldier confessed to killing a civilian. Mariupol authorities announced that the occupiers … Read more

“Does the priest say Mass, Communion, Confession?” Interview with Ignacy Gogolewski

16:02, 18/05/2022 | . On May 15, the prominent Polish actor Ignacy Gogolewski died. Among others were: an impersonator of the role of Antik Purina in the series “Chope” directed by Jan Rybkovsky, the artist visited Kołaczkowo twice in 2012 and 2017. Therefore, we recall the conversation with the artist, which was published on December … Read more

OSW expert: Russian trolley plants are trying to show Ukrainian …

Issues in Polish-Ukrainian relations, especially historical events, are eagerly used by Russian propagandists to divide Poles and Ukrainians, Katarzyna Chorilo, an expert at the Warsaw Center for Oriental Studies (OSW), evaluated in an interview with PAP. She added that the Kremlin’s advocates are trying to send a negative message to all EU countries about refugees. … Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky surprised the participants at the Cannes Film Festival

“I am convinced that the dictator will lose,” Zelensky said, referring not only to Vladimir Putin, but also to Charlie Chaplin’s famous film “The Dictator,” which mocked Adolf Hitler. “We will win this war. Glory to Ukraine,” Zelensky emphasized, stressing that cinema should not turn its back on what is happening in Ukraine. The President … Read more