“The Prodigious Friend” season 3, “Money Heist Korea”, “Love & Anarchy” season 2… What are the series of the week worth?

The new part of Elena Ferrante’s adaptation, the Korean version of “La Casa de papel”, the unbridled chronicle of a Swedish publishing house… We tell you all about these new releases, to watch on TV or on the platforms. On TV channels p “The Tourist” (France 2) It starts as in Duel by Spielberg (1971). … Read more

Money Heist Review: Korea (Series, 2022)

REVIEW / SERIES REVIEW – With “Money Heist: Korea” Netflix offers an almost identical remake of “La casa de papel” which therefore has the qualities but serves as a repetition for fans of the Spanish series. Transposition in Korea for The casa de papel It won’t take long for that The casa de papel be … Read more