its carbon emissions increased by 18% in 2021

Like other tech giants, Amazon is trying to reduce its environmental impact. The company has also set goals to achieve carbon neutrality. However, given the nature of the e-commerce giant’s business, achieving these goals is far from easy. Moreover, in 2021, instead of falling, Amazon’s carbon emissions have increased. This week, Amazon released its annual … Read more

Eric Vernier (ISCID-CO): “It is our role to meet the needs of large companies in our region”

You had been teaching at ISCID-CO since 2018 before taking over as director in 2021. Why this choice? I’m lucky to have always had one foot in academia and the other in the private sector during my career. And ISCID-CO corresponds to this vision: a local school, rooted in its territory, affiliated with the University … Read more

How to securely collect and use customer data?

Olivier Legrand, COO of Sendinblue explains his vision of customer data collection (GDPR, zero-party data, cookies) in e-commerce since the end of third-party cookies. The e-commerce sector in France has grown by nearly 12% in one year and weighed 32.5 billion euros in the 1st quarter of 2022. To take advantage of this, brands are … Read more

E-Commerce Tools Favorable Market Opportunities for Producers Growing Rapidly 2022-2030

E-Commerce Tools Market Research guides new entrants to obtain accurate market data and communicate with customers to determine their needs and preferences. It will detect direct business opportunities and help bring new products to market. It represents market opportunities. Its goal is to make business changes that streamline business processes and move forward. It helps … Read more

Future development of the global Retail, E-commerce Software market, key business strategies and in-depth exploration to 2029

The study report of Global Retail, E-commerce Software market provides key market status analysis with top facts and expert opinions, figures, meaning, definition, SWOT analysis and latest developments across the globe. Also provides key growth drivers, restraints, challenges, trends and opportunities. Market players can use market dynamics analysis to plan effective growth strategies and prepare … Read more

L’Expression: Economy – The flourishing e-commerce

Merchants will be required to have an electronic payment terminal from January 2023. E-commerce is off to an encouraging start in Algeria. Exchanges and transactions, within the framework of “virtual commerce”, recorded a figure of around 2,876 billion, during the 1st half of 2022.This figure, which appears to be average given the potential of traditional … Read more

who are the ShinyHunters, these cybercriminals specializing in the theft and sale of data?

Three more years ago, the ShinyHunters were still only a jargon term reserved for insiders of the Pokémon community, this cult saga originating in Japan. But from April 2020, as noted by the cybersecurity company Intel471, a group of particularly virulent cybercriminals will take over the expression. With objectives much darker than the hunt for … Read more