The history of wage portage in France

The history of wage portage in France

In France, the unemployment rate will reach 7.2% among the population in 2022, according to Pôle Emploi. In order to encourage business creation and takeover, the government facilitates access for job seekers, retraining workers, or anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit to simply set up their own company. However, some people struggle to get started for … Read more

Cameroon news :: THE narco-business of skin whitening or the art of perpetuating slavery and colonization :: Cameroon news

Slavery and colonization have wreaked havoc on the dominated subject. The most pernicious of all, seems to me, to be the idea that the former slave or colonized person has of himself in his relations with the slaveholder or the colonist of yesterday. The seduction of the dominant power, of its power induces in the … Read more

What are the required qualities ?

In France, consulting is attracting more and more freelancers. INSEE, according to a statistical survey carried out in 2021, indicates that nearly 100,000 consultants are counted on the national territory. The latter exercise their self-employed activity as their main activity. Being a consultant requires a few basic qualities to carry out the work assignments entrusted … Read more

the 10 eco guests who marked the 2022 season

1 – “Injecting hydrogen directly into combustion engines is possible” (Richard Tilagone, IFPEN Lyon) Associated in its beginnings with research on fossil fuels, it has already been several years since IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) turned to work aimed at supporting the diversification of the energy mix in its establishment in Solaize, near Lyon. . And … Read more

Activision-Blizzard, Nintendo, Tencent and Ubisoft… The business news of the week

Sales figures, studio buyouts, financial statements, developer transfer window, investments… if these topics interest you, you’ve come to the right place. We offer you an update on the business news of the past week. Summary Activision-Blizzard: profits melted in the second quarter Koch Media (Saints Row): new name for a new life Nintendo: A down … Read more