Bubbles, the Festival of Colors or the real Mexico? Attractions for family weekend

Soap bubble lovers will have a wonderful celebration in a wonderful atmosphere. Photo: Maciej Czarniak / Trojmiasto.pl A family picnic, a celebration of soap bubbles and colours, or maybe a day at the theater – this weekend there are many attractions waiting for you. In our calendar, you will find plenty of proposals for both … Read more

Klaudia Paź – Interview. Mr…

I’m starting to write a book with dialogue. Whatever it sounds like, I listen to the sounds and write down what I hear. These “voices” come to me a lot. That is why I always have something to write with me – at worst it is a notebook on the phone, but I do not … Read more

“I hid children like chickens in a cage. I did not allow them to be independent. My mother-in-law decided that I was failing them” – taken from real life

Photo: Adobe Stock, yavdat Outside the window it became clear. I put the cloth aside thinking that if I don’t go to the playground with the kids in a dozen minutes or so, we’ll once again lose the hour of sunshine you can count on on a November day. – Maja, Cuba, get dressed! I … Read more

“Plotting with children over adults.” How Roald Dahl changed children’s literature and introduced the youngest to the world of chocolate

He has been referred to as Jimi Hendrix of children’s literature and the father of anti-pedagogy. Roald Dahl was one of the first writers to distance himself firmly from the moral and educational functions of children’s literature. He created stories that the youngest readers adore to this day. He wanted – as he used to … Read more

“Marxism and Revolution” – book review

Some consider environmental movements or equality marches as examples of the implementation of Karl Marx’s ideas in the modern world. Others, in turn, object to the very idea of ​​neo-Marxism, considering it a term devoid of scientific value. In their opinion, it was introduced by some right-wing politicians as part of their populist discourse in … Read more

Pedagogy Maria Montessori – why is it updated?

Although the Montessori educational system was established at the beginning of the twentieth century, thanks to timeless assumptions, it is still up-to-date and is present in more than 25,000 educational institutions around the world. Dr. Iona Zwierczewska, Associate Professor in the Department of Early Education at UMCS, writes about the unique and objective nature of … Read more