Justyna Wasilewska talks for the first time about a relationship with a beloved woman

The extraordinary beauty of Justyna Wasilewska makes you remember her instantly. But there is something else that can be called differently: energy, character, character and imagination. Justina Wasilowska, an actress, has everything and more. See for yourself.

We talk shortly after Justina moved into her own apartment in Warsaw. Not everything has been unloaded yet, not everything is where it should be, and not everything is there. Some things that don’t exist are just showing up. Justina makes them herself.

Justyna Wasilewska bought an apartment

“I finished on the balcony yesterday,” the actress says, wondering if I heard it correctly. terrace? Expired? When asked about the details, I laughed to my astonishment:- Yes, I am a little excited about DIY. I have a power saw, screwdriver, drill and other great tools, and I don’t hesitate to use them. I have always dreamed of having my own house with a piano and a garden. And now I have it all. The apartment where the piano came yesterday has a small garden. In order to be able to enjoy my garden, I made a balcony – admits Justyna Wasilewska, for whom one of the most important things now is to enjoy life.

The actress’s unusual hobby – DIY and playing the piano

Justyna Wasilewska is no kidding with this balcony. She leveled the ground and covered it with sand, laying concrete slabs on top of a load-bearing wooden structure, then wooden planks. – I had to cut some and straighten them. I also made a terrace table for myself and am in the process of making a shoe cabinet. They are not works of applied art, but making them gives me great pleasure and allows me to rest – he adds. – Interestingly, I grew up in an apartment building in Wroclaw, and over the years of renting apartments in Warsaw I always chose those in apartment houses. I was running away from the blocks. Now it’s full circle and I live in an apartment building. This is not bad at all. I have a sense of stability. After years of wandering, I finally have my own place that I can arrange my own way. I feel very comfortable here. I go back to the piano. – No, I can’t play, but I like to improvise. The piano was in my grandmother’s house – she was a special person, so I ran away from her and locked myself in the room with the piano. I fondled her and told myself fairy tales. The grandmother who was called by the black lady had a difficult life and I was an unaware victim of it. I didn’t have a chance to understand that then. Today I know that her darkness is justified by experiments – recalls Justina. Fortunately, the other grandmother, the white lady, was more cheerful.

Justyna Wasilewska about her beauty

How is it related to her exceptional beauty? – Better and better – Justina laughs. – A little curves here, asymmetrical here … – But it’s beautiful – I protest. – I’m not saying she’s not pretty. I say a little crooked – it annoys. – That’s what I have this fizis. It’s restrictive at times and sometimes it opens up. Maybe in some situations it excludes me, but in others, without my appearance, I would never be there. I appreciate it, but I don’t overestimate it. I realize she also has a sense of humor and distance from herself.

Justina Wasiliuska’s childhood

Let’s go back to 1997 and the Millennium Flood. It then flooded southern and western Poland, the Czech Republic, parts of Slovakia, Germany and Austria. 56 people were killed in Poland. Wroclaw, the birthplace of 12-year-old Justina Wasylewska, also suffered. Although the water did not reach her parents’ apartment, it stopped at the border of the estate, but it destroyed her father’s factory – the sewing and washing room. – One day everything changed, the whole world. Suddenly we no longer have bread. My father collapsed and my mother did not work professionally and take care of me and my brother. I, of course, had the responsibility of both on my mind. The flood became a symbolic moment that ended my childhood – Justina Wasilowska remembers it.

Justyna Wasilewska’s partner

Professionally, actress Justyna Wasilewska, this year, will be taking on two more theatrical adventures – a show co-produced by TR Warszawa and Kammerspiele from Munich (- we’ll play in three languages: German, Polish and English. We work in a different culture. Space is always interesting) and the premiere of Marius Trelinsky’s opera Boris Goduno in Tokyo. (- I will play a disabled boy. Boris Godunov looks very topical now. In addition, I am interested in Japan). – This year is dedicated to the theater outside Poland and the celebration of life – says the actress. What are her favorite ways to celebrate it? After years of being with people, meeting their expectations more than my own, I finally understood it I feel good when I’m on my own. Then I charge the batteries. I go for a walk with my dog, Stashik, in the woods. I like to eat something good and I’m getting better at cooking. I was given a reader – I always wanted to have all my books with me. What’s Next? I love meeting people, cuddling and other things But what I love most is spending time with my girlfriend.

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