Artur Andrus, Mirosław Baka and the stars of chamber music at the Euro Chamber Music Festival Gdańsk

The Artur Andrus concert will take place on June 22 at 19.30 in the Baltic Cultural Center (ul. Korzenna 33/35)

mat. European Chamber of Music Festival Gdansk 2022

We hear, among others, in the program of this year’s Euro Chamber Music Festival in Gdansk the music of Vivaldi, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Mahler, Pergolesi, Scarlatti and Handel, as well as the poetry of our Ukrainian neighbors.

Events dedicated to Ukraine

Chamber music favors ideas such as cooperation and friendship – explains Krzysztof Komendrac-Timmendorf, artistic director of the 11th Eurochamber Music Festival in Gdansk 2022. – 2012. Euro 2012. We remember that the world lived with football tournaments that were held in Poland and Ukraine … UEFA was born at that time, with the slogan “Friends play together!” – Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf recalls. – A decade later, the eyes and heart of the world turned again towards our friendly neighbor. Friends keep playing.

No wonder the festival, faithful to the values ​​that inspired the organizers of the first edition, will begin this year with an event in honor of the victims of the war in Ukraine. During the concert “Never Again!” , which on Tuesday June 21 at 14), the 11th edition of the European Chamber Music Festival in Gdask, will open on stage in the conservatory of the Center for European Solidarity, and there will be performances by: Capella Bydgostiensis, Krzysztof Komendarek-Tymendorf (Viola) and Arnaud Kaminski (also). Valdemar Quimila took over as the concert’s musical director.

Black and white photograph, portrait of a middle-aged man, short hair, wearing a white shirt and jacket

We will hear Miroslav Baka reciting Ukrainian poetry on July 10 at 18, in the WWII Museum

Photo: mat. Organizer

A meeting in the Museum of World War II (Plac Władysława Bartoszewskiego 1) will also be dedicated to our neighbours, which – on July 10 on 18 – the works and poetry of Ukrainian composers will be recited to the tunes of viola, violin and cello by the great actor of the Ypres Theatre, Mirosław Baka.

Artur Andros alone

The day after the opening, on June 22, the participants of the European Music Festival in Gdansk will experience a unique performance, with a slightly lighter tone, but in the spirit of the festival. In the Baltic Cultural Center, at 19.30, combining artistic message and excellent entertainment – Artur Andrus, actor, satirist and songwriter, master of Polish speech and old journalist will perform on the 3rd program of Polish Radio (1994-2016) and RMF Classic, as well as a commentator On “Contact Glass” on TVN24.

The artist and songs that talk about feelings, travels, places he visited and places that did not even exist, will be intertwined with poems, commentaries and humorous tales, as always at the highest level. There will also be songs from Andros’ latest album, Socrates 18.

On stage, he will be accompanied by Wojciech Steke on piano and ukasz Borowiecki on double bass. K.The party will take place on the eve of Father’s Day, on this occasion the organizers will invite guests for a glass of champagne after listening to the songs.

It’s the only concert at this event. PLN 120 tickets can also be purchased here: An hour before the party.

Workshops and competition at the festival

– The eleventh edition of the Gdansk European Music Festival will be a unique jubilee with many symbols; Whether it’s thanks to the thought and thought of Mirosław Baka’s introduction, or it could be thanks to the light humor (unless it’s sarcasm) by Arthur Andrus. First of all, there will be beautiful and revealing music – from the past and the present – in unusual places. There will also be young talents, passions, inspiration and, of course, main chamber music – assures Krzysztof Komendark-Temendorf.

As part of the festival, a competition and workshops were also prepared: for the eighth time – the Baltic String Duo competition (held on June 19, 2022) and the fourth Baltic Music Workshop (June 22-30, 2022).

The festival is organized by the Association of Artists “Zdolny do Rzeque”. Co-organizers are: Baltic Sea Cultural Center, Ars Sine Qua Non Foundation, World War II Museum and Oblate Center for Education and Culture.

Since 2017, the sponsor of the festival is Number One by Grano – Grano Hotels. Sponsor: Mamma Mia Zielona Pietruszka Restaurant.

Festival partners: European Solidarity Center, Olivia Star Top 32 floor, EFFE 2022-2023, Meakultura Foundation, Save the Music,, Verden Foto,, Winne Grono Restaurant, Vidokówka Restaurant, 32nd floor,. Feliks Nowowiejski in Gdańsk, the Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz Music School Complex, Frederic Chopin’s First Class State Music School in Wejherowo

The festival is jointly funded by the City of Gdansk. The opening ceremony of the festival is financed by Marshall Voivodeship Pomeranian.

Two men in suits, one holding a violin and the other a viola

We will listen to Duo del Gesù on July 28 at 6.00 pm on the balcony of the Olivia Star office building (aleja Grunwaldzka 472). free entry

Photo: Verden Photo

Program of the Euroroom Music Festival Gdansk Festival 2022

21.6 | 14:00 | European Solidarity Center – Solidarity pIAC 1

It will never happen again!

Performed by Cappella Pidgosteensis, Krzysztof Komendark-Temendorf – Viola, Arno Kaminsky – violin

In the program: Barber, Hindemith, Massenet, Britten, Grieg, Cieślik | free entry

22.6 | 19:30 | Cultural Center of the Baltic Sea – Corzina 33/35

ARTUR ANDRUS ROOM | Tickets: PLN 120 on

Artur Andros – Singing and Texting

Wojciech Stec – piano, Łukasz Borowiecki – double bass

On the program: Original songs by Artur Andros on Father’s Day

25.6 | 18:30 (after Mass) | Street. Adalbert – Saint Adalbert’s Route 440

4 seasons every year

Performed by Arno Kaminsky – Violin, TOS Quartet

In the program: 4 seasons of Antonio Vivaldi | free entry

26.6 | 17:30 | Street. Nicholas – więtojańska 72


Performed by Magdalena College – mezzo-soprano, Maciej zimka – accordion

In the programme: Mahler, Pergolesi, Scarlatti, Händel | free entry

26.6 | 18:00 | Cultural Center of the Baltic Sea – Corzina 33/35

VIII Polish Rising Music Stars

Performed by the Polish Young Philharmonic Orchestra Orchestra Conducted by Selwiya Janiak-Kopylinska, Zoya Segoda – Violin,

Piotr Czerwiński, Kacper Kukliński – piano, Estera Laskowska – harpsichord

In the program: Chopin, Beethoven, Winyavsky, Benda | free entry

2.7 | 19:00 | Oblate Center for Education and Culture – Elżbietańska 9/10


Julian Moquet – violin, Marion Abiello – Viola

In the program: Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Dvorak, Sibelius | free entry

10.7 | 14:15 (after Mass) | Archdiocese of Corpus Christi – Pissuska 9

Mozart and improvements

Performed by Patrick Podjowski, Mateusz Rzywski – Instruments

In the program: Mozart, Podwojski, Rzewuski | free entry

10.7 | 18:00 | World War II Museum – Władysław Bartoszewski Square 1

ukraine noodles

Performed by Miroslav Baka – recited by Mikhail Nowak and Arnaud Kaminsky – violin

Marta Wroniszewska – Viola, Carol Wroniszewski – Cello

In the program: Works and poems of Ukrainian artists | free entry

17.7 | 18:00 | Cultural Center of the Baltic Sea – Corzina 33/35

Dream Lover

Performed by Joan Marty Frasker – saxophone baritone, Albina Petrovich-Frachanska – piano

In the program: Petrovic-Vratchanska | free entry

24.7 | 12:45 * | Street. Katarzina – Prosorska 3


Performed by Josef Lubetek – cello

On the programme: 6 suites for cello solo by Johann Sebastian Bach | free entry

24.7 | 18:00 | Cultural Center of the Baltic Sea – Corzina 33/35

Ballet, violence and the pianist

Performed by Lorenzo Rovati – violin & Antonia Valente – piano

In the program: Stravinsky, Respighi, Głazunow | free entry

28.7 | 18:00 | 472- Abdullah Muhammad Ali

Music at the highest level

Duet Del Jisoo’s performance

On the program: Original formats and songs dedicated to the band on the occasion of ECMF’s 10th anniversary | free entry – After paying the fees for the viewing balcony

29.7 | 19:00 | Oblate Center for Education and Culture – Elżbietańska 9/10

Play friends!

Performed by ECMF artists who have been involved in creating the festival since 2012

On the programme: Carte Blanche for Festival Friends | free entry

30.7 | 20:00 | Street. Nicholas – więtojańska 72


Performed by Marzena Michowska – soprano, Swimmer Pronk – Contratnor, Maciej Zakrewski – Organ

On the programme: Diesner, Rocławska-Musiałczyk | free entry

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