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“Przewóz” by Andrzej Stasiuk, “Oh, here I am” by Tomasz Beck, “Cloud Weaver” by Katarzyna Jakoska-Enimo and Mariana Stima, “Back. A History of Warsaw to the Beginning” by Pasch Przoتكek and the comic book “Face, Belly, and Head” by Wanda Hagedorn and Olla Smeda – These are the books awarded in the fifteenth edition of the Literary Prize of the Capital City of Warsaw. from Warsaw.

The awards were handed out during a gala Saturday night on the Nowa Fala boat at Vistula Boulevards.

A member of the Warsaw-Capital City Council, Iwa Malinowska-Grubinska (KO), noted that the number of books submitted for the award is increasing every year. “I am very happy about that, because the award is becoming more and more popular among those interested in literature and the authors themselves,” she said. Director of the Warsaw City of Warsaw Culture Office, Artur Jovic noted that “the award has a rich pre-war tradition.” He added, “We succeed in continuing and developing it. Today we will know the winners, but being nominated in each category is a huge distinction. More than 700 proposals were submitted, so being among the nominees can be considered an award.”

In the prose category, the prize was awarded to Andrzej Stasiuk for the book “Przewóz” (Kzarny Publishing House). “Przewóz” is a war novel, and at the same time very modern, because it shows how additional national pride is born. “I wrote a war novel. This war goes on all the time and we forget about it. And people are already dying there, my friends are fighting. I would like not to forget that, because he will come here when we forget” – said the laureate.

Among the volumes of poetry, the award went to Thomass Beck for Oh, Here I Am (WBPiCAK Publishing House). In the category of children’s literature, both author and illustrator are traditionally awarded. This year’s winners are Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo (text) and Marianna Sztyma (illustration) for Weaver of the Clouds (Albus). “Weaver of the Clouds” is a story woven on canvas from a fairy tale, about the death of a child and a symbolic journey through the stages of mourning. “The illustrations of Mariana Stima are intertwined with the words of Katarzyna Jakoska-Enemo in a complex two-twisted tapestry, moving the most delicate threads of the soul” – she wrote about the book on the website of the Literary Prize of the capital, Warsaw . from Warsaw.

In the category of books on Warsaw, the award was given to Błażej Brzostek for the book “Back. Historia Warszawy do góry” (Warsaw Museum). “Writing books is a very moving task because books are like children. A book lives its own life. Perhaps I am its author, but the book lives its reception, what others say about it and how it is read. In that sense it is not mine and I am not its author, so I promise to stick the book on the shelf and thank her”- The historian pointed out.

This year, for the first time, the award was given in the graphic novel and graphic novel categories. The winners are Wanda Hagedorn (text) and Ola Szmida (illustration) for the comic book “Face, Belly, Head” (Kultura Gniewu). In her illustrated memoir, Wanda Hedorn tells a new story about femininity – the process of social training to be a woman and the different dimensions of body play. The strength of this story lies in anger, but also self-irony and distance, which allow the author to ask questions about her position and consider critically, but not without Tenderness, to one’s neurosis, participation and social roles. All this is reinforced by Ola Szmida’s harsh, aggressive streak ”- wrote about comedy on the website of the Literary Prize of the capital Warsaw. from Warsaw.

During the ceremony, the title of Artist of Warsaw was awarded. This year’s laureate is Piotr Sommer, poet, essayist and translator of contemporary Anglo-Saxon poetry. “I read online that this award is a lifetime achievement,” Sommer said. “I thought if this was a lifetime achievement, this whole look should be loved.” “The problem is that I love my wife as a whole, I love quite a few people as a whole, but if I were to touch myself, I don’t know if I would be able to convince myself of my own fullness, ”- he said. “In any case, I do not know if I will try, because the shape of the world, which we have become so kind, is crumbling step by step and maybe something else will come of it,” – he said.

The Literary Prize of the capital, Warsaw, with distinction dating back to pre-war times. The competition is a continuation of the tradition of the award of the same name, which was awarded in 1926-1938 and discontinued due to the outbreak of World War II. The first to receive the award was the eldest son of Adam Mickiewicz – Wadislav, and the last before the war – Leopold Stav. The award was also given to artists such as: Wacław Berent, Tadeusz Boy-eleński, Pola Gojawiczyńska and Maria Kuncewiczowa.

The Literary Prize of the Capital of Warsaw has been awarded in its current form since 2008, when the Warsaw City Council adopted a resolution to reactivate the prize. The award is given in five categories. A special distinction is the title of the artist of Warsaw, which is dedicated to eminent writers with a special connection to Warsaw. Tadeusz Konwicki was the first to receive this title. Winners and award winners include, among others, Joseph Hein, Marek Novakowski, Janusz Jovaki, Janusz Tzbier, Joanna Kulmowa, Vyslav Mysławski, Ustaاشيi Rilski, Hana Krall, Ewa Lipska, Lukasz Orbitowski, Justina Bednarek, Anna Bikonzi and Jacob (Polk)

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