Shakespeare Festival in July and August. International actors, performances from several countries

“Twelfth Night or What You Want” from the National Theater in Warsaw, directed by Piotr Cieplak, will be one of the five performances participating in the Golden Yorick competition

Photo: Krzysztof Bieliński

Shakespeare Festival slogan: “Between Heaven and Stage. After the Storm?”

This year’s festival theme is a reference to the three very different foreign productions of “The Storm” that will be hosted at the festival and to the storms currently sweeping the world – political, epidemiological, climatic and those relating to the human condition. It is also a reference to the title of the book published in 2002 the professor. jersey lemon Friday “Between Heaven and Stage”.

For the inauguration – “Borza” from Italy

The 26th International Shakespeare Festival will open The Storm, directed by Italian director Alessandro Serra, well known to the Gdansk public. In 2018, the film “Macbeth” by director Serra received a standing ovation. The performance was recognized by Italian critics as the best production of 2017 (Premio Ubu Award) and brought international recognition to the filmmakers.

This time around, Serra will take the Shakespeare Festival crowd into the Siblings’ War Zone. On July 27 and 28, viewers will see it on 278 square meters of second-hand, worm-eaten, weathered – Prospero Island, built on the unique Elizabethan stage of Gdansk Shakespeare’s Theatre.

Petas Domini – Altar 600 years ago – in Gdansk forever

A storm from Denmark and Romania

On July 28, you will be able to see the impact of the collaboration between Glad Teater and HamletScenen from Denmark, a contemporary dance theater about dreams and destiny. “The Tempest” by Janek Bell Nielsen, Dan Roland Lund, and Pete Getz-Johansen It is minimalistic and carefully thought out. It is based on the choreography work of Antonio Quills.

last show “Storm”On July 31, there is an island of sounds in a forest of microphones, cables, instruments, cameras, and video shows Performed by the Polandra Theater from Romania. Everything was overseen by the star of the Romanian music scene – Ada Milea (in charge of music and directing) and Andu Dumitrescu (website design).

Not just “storms”

– The Gdansk Shakespeare Theater returns with a festival for all – confirms Joanna Klass, theater curator and producer responsible for selecting international productions during the upcoming festival. – We invite new shows created in different places of the world at a very difficult time, the period of many changes caused by the epidemic, war and other disturbances. After these kinds of storms, Shakespeare’s plays are still influential and entertaining several hundred years after they were written.

In addition to the three very different performances of “The Tempest”, Shakespearean fans will see it “Village on the road” A sad musical inspired by the nomadic and nomadic puppeteers. Scene, dir. Joanna Zdrada was awarded the Grand Prix of the 27th International Festival of Puppet Theater “Spotkania” in Torun. Radost Theater (Devadlo Radost) from Brno It is a specific group of artists – one of its members is a gravedigger. Will the actors, immersed in their roles, succumb to the murderous frenzy of one of Shakespeare’s deadliest tragedies? It is worth discovering on July 31. The perverted and gallows humor in Tim Burton’s style should appeal to everyone, including young people, among whom this production is very popular.

See you soon, ShakeSphere Contest Winner

On August 2 and 3, you will be able to see the winner of the first edition of our ShakeSphere competition European Shakespeare Festival Network (ESFN) In 2022, what scene “Romeo and Juliet and Other Love Disasters”. ESFN brings together 11 European Shakespeare-inspired festivals from 10 countries. ESFN’s chairperson is Joanna Śnieżko-Misterek of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the existence of the network, a competition for a small theatrical production was held. 42 applications were received from 25 countries. As part of the four festivals’ ShakeSphere Prize, members of ESFN (including the Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk) present the winning bid.

“After a very level playing field, we have an exciting winner who fulfills all the aspirations that accompanied us in this project – an innovative and innovative realization that integrates different forms of art, combines theater and visual arts, exploring Shakespeare in our time and emphasizing its enduring relevance – says Philippe Barr, President of the European Network For Shakespeare Festivals.

“Romeo, Juliet and Other Disasters of Love” (directed by Rolf Alm) is an acting project. Norwegian Christian Hesto and Paul Pyotr Miztella play Shakespeare’s tragedy, supplementing his narrative with true contemporary stories about impossible or criminal love. The tragedy of these stories is plain and charming. However, theatrical means of expression help in facing difficult topics.

For the first time in a year, two European poets about freedom

The latest technology and tough questions

California theater lovers will be delighted “village” – Multilingual display of multimedia. On August 3, madness, deceit, and family conflict will go digital. Peter Mark (New CalArts Performance Center) explores the relationship between body and image. Uses materials drawn from Shakespearean play, Internet culture, home videos, and 3D animation.

The National Theater in Brno will deal with questions about the identity and crisis of the individual. On August 3, it will present “Epiphany or whatever you want” Directed by Autobahn Basil. The massive landscape designed by Dragan Stojčevski is noteworthy. You will be able to see a wave that is eight meters high and hectoliters of water.

Marvel Star Sticker

The Ukraine theme, which is clearly marked, among others, will also appear on the festival poster by Marvel stars, John Stanisci. July 29th and 30th will be available for viewing “L_UKR_ECE”Directed by Tetiana Shelypko and performed by 19-year-old Christina Bely. It is a multidisciplinary and multicultural project based on “The rape of Lucretia” William Shakespeare, Ukrainian Folk Songs, Poetry of Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukranka and Christina Bell, Testimonies of Ovid and Documented Stories of Women from the Kyiv and Kharkiv Region.

– We will see many interpretations of Shakespeare and a variety of theatrical aesthetics, from classical exhibitions, musical jokes, subtle and simple choreography or virtual reality performances to classic dramas and comedies. Let’s use it to think about the individual’s condition in today’s world, and do not be afraid of these words, the crazy world. The creators invite the viewer to search for an answer to the question of what will happen after the storm, what storms are for him and for the world, and how do you find yourself in all of it, says Agata Grinda, director of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.


Poster designer: John Staniski

Golden York

This year, festival audiences will see up to five of the season’s best Polish Shakespeare productions.

Shakespeare once again passed the examination in contemporary theatre, and once again helped express the anxieties of our time – says Łukasz Drewniak, selector of Golden Yorick. – and what is new is that the theatrical pendulum turns to the obnoxious side: for the first time in the past two decades, the number of theatrical comedies equals the number of theatrical tragedies, and yet tragedy, especially when read with a political key, was our specialty, the Polish Shakespeare seasoning. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has not yet been recorded in Shakespeare’s theatrical adaptations, so the epidemic was the key to the most well-known explanation. It is understood either as a destructive factor, separating the characters from each other, characterizing them with death and the lack of a future, or, conversely, as the cause of a compulsive reaction, escape into the absurd, carefree comedy and mass insanity paradigms. Polish theater used Shakespeare’s comedy as a panacea for the sorrows of isolation, social fears, and political oppression.

In competition by the father. Golden York They share:

  1. “Twelfth Night or What You Want” dir. Piotr Siblak, National Theater in Warsaw
  2. Andronikus-Synekdocha, monastery. Grzegorz Bral, Goat Theater Song
  3. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” dir. Rafai Zomsky, Witold Gombrowicz City Theater in Gdynia
  4. “The Taming of the Shrew” dir. Jacek Gabrzyk, Zagłębie Theater in Sosnowiec
  5. Romeo and Julius are not infected. Traumstadt”, chor. Yoshiko Waki, Polish Dance Theater in Pozna, Bodytalk in Münster

The winning theater will receive a Golden Yorick figurine and a prize money of 40,000 PLN. zloty.

They are fighting for the statue of Shakespeare of

As part of the festival, you will also be able to see two trends, the participants of which will compete for one prize: Shakespeare’s statue.

  1. “Shakespeare Fight Show Arena” Official System Theater
  2. “Antonius”, dir. Christian Sisso
  3. “How beautiful people are!” Sławek Krawczyński, Anna Gudowska, Festival of Dreams

Shakespeare Off shows aim to show at least three of the most interesting off-the-shelf art events based on Shakespeare’s works, which have been invited to the festival by curator Katarzyna Knichalska. In this version it will be:

  1. “Ler, damn it!” , Teatr . part
  2. “Mr. Zaraz” Dzeki Style Company
  3. “Hamlet Motion”, Art Noua

In addition, a club of festivals, concerts and many accompanying events are planned. Details soon.

The program and tickets are available on the festival website:

About the Shakespeare Festival

Held every summer in Tri-City, the Shakespeare Festival has been organized by the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater and Theatrum Gedanense for 25 years. More than 230 different theater companies from more than 40 countries performed there. The work of artists such as Peter Brook, Luc Percival, Romeo Castellucci, Elisabeth Lecombet, Lou Dodin, Emontas Necrosius, Oscars Corsonovas, Thiago Rodriguez, Jean Lauers, Roberto Cioli, Robert Sturoy and many more has been featured by more than 250 directors from all over the world. Globalism). The festival is an international platform for the exchange of experiences, theatrical practices, and circuit discussions relating to the work of William Shakespeare and to theater lovers.

It is also an event that greatly promotes Gdańsk and Tri-City on national and international forums. This is reflected, among other things, in the European Network of Shakespeare Festivals, launched in 2010, which currently has 11 partners. From Poland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Great Britain (2), Armenia, Denmark, Macedonia, Serbia, and headquartered in Gdansk.

The Shakespeare Festival brings together performances by performances from around the world and competitions for the best Polish Shakespearean performances (Golden Yorick and ShakespeareOFF competitions), as well as artistic and educational activities, workshops and meetings with artists from all over the world.

The organizers of the Shakespeare Festival are the Gdask Shakespeare Theater and the Theatrical Gidannis Foundation.

Author: Paulina Popió, Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater

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