Best Restaurants in Warsaw: Top 20 Addresses You Should Know!

1. The best restaurants in Warsaw: Ale Wino!, Mokotowska 48

Ale Wino is on the list of favorite places of most lovers of Warsaw restaurants. Its secret lies in simplicity. In Ale Wino you will find the best selection of the best wines and a seasonal menu prepared by Sebastian Wełpa. The menu is dominated by fresh, often regional ingredients. As a result, you can enjoy raviolo with pumpkin, roasted butter and kale, Masurian zander with mussels, or roasted plums with rustic ice cream. Do not forget to book a table, because a spontaneous visit to Ale Wino is practically impossible.

2. The best restaurants in Warsaw: Epoka, Ossolińskich 3

Visiting Ipoca is much more than going to a restaurant. It is an experience of a new interpretation of fine dining that you will remember for a long time. There are many ingredients to the charm of this place. Epoka is located in the historic building of the European Hotel in Warsaw, the interior design is a touch of historical elements and decorative craftsmanship, Marcin Przybysz’s menu is inspired by old Polish cookbooks and impeccable service. This place is bustling with life, openness and a friendly atmosphere that go hand in hand with eye-catching professionalism. Effect? The era you want to be in and back in.

3. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Bez Titlecie, Poznańska 16 Street

Without an address a place knows no boundaries. Their concept reveals the freedom that the design, menu, and casual atmosphere feel. Untitled, it also focuses on the idea of ​​sharing food. Chef Piotr Ceranowicz’s dishes delight with beauty, taste and variety. On its menu you’ll find snails, french fries, tartare, calamari and artichokes with hollandaise sauce – so you can freely share dishes and discover unique flavours. The lack of borders also emphasizes the eclectic interior. Moss and brick walls, warm lighting and artwork create an expressive blend that is a joy to stay in.

4. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Dyletanci, Rozbrat 44A

Dyletanci is a place that will steal the hearts of lovers of simple cuisine and lovers of the best wines. Powiśle Restaurant in Warsaw boasts Poland’s largest wine list – over 1,100 items curated by Norbert Dudziński and Jan Winiarski – sommeliers who have gained experience in the world’s best restaurants. On the other hand, the menu by Rafał Hreczaniuk is a tribute to the high quality products. The menu of softeners changes seasonally, along with the rhythm of nature, and the ingredients come from carefully selected local producers. Effect? Broccoli with green walnuts, turbot with green beans and lemon confit or dark chocolate and chestnut fudge are flavors you will remember for a long time.

5. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Opasły Tom, Wierzbowa 9

In 2020, Opasły Tom was named by Wallpaper magazine * one of the five most beautiful restaurants in the world. However, there are many reasons to visit this place. The owners of the restaurant, Mr. and Mrs. Kręglicki, invite collaborations between chefs and residents who create a one-of-a-kind, original menu. The dishes are based on seasonal produce that comes from the farmers market in Fortica that is run by the owners. Currently, you can sample Tomasz Janiczka’s menu, dishes which include dumplings with chanterelles and roasted butter with coffee beans, colorful tomatoes with gingerbread, sausages with smoked mackerel sauce or cheese waffles with rhubarb and goat cheese with levage.

6. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Bez Gwiazdek, Wiślana 9

Chef Robert Trzobeck is an expert on new interpretations of regional cuisine. Each month, the menu is dedicated to a different region of Poland and consists of six unique combinations. Many surprises await you, because in Bez Gwiazdek you can try such dishes as cabbage soup with currants, Opole oberiba, Silesian carmine or potatoes with Podlasie kumpiak. Because each region of Poland is an individual culinary story worth telling.

7. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Klonn, Jazdów 1B

Klonn took an exceptionally charming place in the Ujazdowski Castle, near the Royal Łazienki Park. The inspiration for the restaurant’s name was a 200-year-old maple tree – a natural monument located in their garden. The place delights with the author’s menu of the chef, Michał Gniadek, the surroundings, the open space, the proximity to nature and the rich program of cultural events. The menu card does not include Turmus with Smoked Fish, Sour Rye Soup, Cream of Mushrooms and Almatias with Fennel.

8. The best restaurants in Warsaw: Przegryź, Mokotowska 52

Poland’s most popular dishes have a special place on Warsaw’s culinary map. Gravy and chopped cutlets with cucumber salad, duck breast confit, beef patties and Silesian dumplings can be found in Przegryz – a place that has been unrivaledly popular for years. Guests of Przegryzia can also enjoy delicious breakfasts filled with pets…

9. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Izumi Sushi, Biay Kamień 4

At Izumi Sushi, you can feel like you are in a tropical palm house that doesn’t follow the seasons. Simple Japanese-style interiors and exotic palm trees create the perfect balance between elegance and a relaxed atmosphere, in which quality sushi plays a major role. Chef Alon Than stands behind every dish. A sushi connoisseur with 20 years of experience, he is loyal to tradition, but also loves culinary experiments – often smuggling Polish ingredients into his dishes. examples? Maki with roasted duck and mango or futomaki with tuna and leeks.

10. The best restaurants in Warsaw: Rusiko, Aleje Ujazdowskie 22

The aroma of baked tomatoes and eggplant will enchant you from the entrance, and the intriguing interior filled with warm light and antique carpets will transport you straight to Georgia. Rossico is a Balkan melting pot located in the heart of Warsaw. Owner and chef Davit Turkestanishvili took care of every detail – both the menu and the interior of the place. If you are starting your adventure with Georgian cuisine, be sure to order the Baderjani, Pchali and Khachapuri for starters and for the main course – khinkalik or kofta. Dessert time will be sweetened by Medok – a traditional cake with honey and carrots with coffee in a crucible. Don’t forget to check out the Georgian wine list and grilled food section. These are the perfect reasons to return to Rosico endlessly.

11. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Paloma Inn, Poznańska 21

Paloma Inn is a place that was not yet on the culinary map of Warsaw. A visit there is a multi-dimensional experience, as the magnetic and all-green interior design takes us to the set of a futuristic movie from the 1960s. Green curtains, a dazzling ceiling and an elliptical stripe enhance the extraordinary effect. The menu, which proves that well-known dishes still hide many secrets, is equally impressive. examples? Banquet sandwich with herring and vegetable caviar, French fries with Parmesan or Hawaiian bun with raclette cheese – these are flavors that are hard to forget.

12. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Pacyfik, Hoża 61

Pacific is an eclectic mix of Mexican, American and Asian cuisine. Effect? Fresh, spicy and expressive flavors that are addictive. Their main dishes include cauliflower tempura, shrimp tacos, stir-fries with kimchi and chipotle mayonnaise, and a McConneese sandwich. Of particular note is the bar – not only its unique ’80s-inspired design, but also its menu dominated by tequila and mezcal.

13. The best restaurants in Warsaw: Regina, Koszykowa 1

In the heart of Warsaw you can feel like you are in New York. A mixture of Italian and Chinese cuisine and exquisite drinks, inspired by the “Sex and the City” series is Regina’s specialty. The bar and restaurant impresses not only with its menu and cocktail bar, but also with its design. The exquisite chandelier is the most photographed element of the modern interior design by the guests. The second place is the Chinese cookies, which you will receive before the end of your visit to Regina.

14. Best restaurants in Warsaw: JOEL Sharing Concept, Koszykowa 1

A visit to Tel Aviv is no longer a necessity to experience an Israeli feast. It is enough to visit the JOEL Sharing Concept restaurant, which, despite its small experience, already has a loyal group of guests. The reason is the excellent menu, which is characterized by flavors so intense that it takes us into the oriental world of Israeli cuisine. What do you recommend? Start the feast with labneh cheese with roasted tomatoes and chickpeas, grilled zucchini with parmesan cheese and a wonderful pita bread. Twice-baked cauliflower, lamb and octopus deserve special attention.

15. The best restaurants in Warsaw: MOD, Oleandrów 8

Small place in ul. Oleandów is already one of the cult. reason? A short and thoughtful menu that connects the world of French and Japanese cuisine, a wine list to go along with the menu, and the famous Mood Donuts with original toppings. It is a great place for meeting friends or a romantic date. reason? You’ll easily fall in love with ramen, oysters, snails, a plate of French cheese, octopus or beef steaks that the mod has to offer. Don’t forget the dessert – cupcakes with matcha, white chocolate and lavender glaze are perfect.

16. The best restaurants in Warsaw: Pizzaiolo, Krucza 16/22 (corner with Wilcza)

How do you make Krucza Street come alive again? The secret is Pizziolo’s Neapolitan and focaccia pizza, which attracts throngs of Italian cuisine lovers every day. Simply order the Buffalo Butter Pie with Sicilian Anchovies or the Antica Margherita to see that the best taste lies in the quality of the ingredients, the knowledge and the simplicity. The place itself is also impressive, and at its heart is a pizza oven and open kitchen. A spacious and elegant interior awaits guests with wide wooden benches and white marble tables, where you can watch the hustle and bustle of the corner of Krutsa and Wilksa Streets.

17. The best restaurants in Warsaw: Bibenda, Nowogrodzka 10

Breakfast, lunch with friends, family dinner or a romantic date? Bibenda is the perfect place for any of these occasions. The spacious Italian-style interior and the courtyard garden of the apartment houses make it a place for every guest. The menu changes seasonally. This fall you will eat there, among other things, crunchy mushrooms with ginger, sausages with mint and fenugreek, pumpkin pancakes with burnt butter or candied beets. It’s delicious and atmospheric with professional and friendly service. he deserves it.

18. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Vegetarian ramen restaurant, Aleja Jana Pawła II 52/54

Clear Shoyu Ramen, Spicy Miso, Shio Ramen, and Tantan Ramen are familiar menu items to all plant lovers in the capital. A vegan ramen shop has gained popularity in Warsaw due to the storm, and has become one of the city’s favorite ramen shops. reason? Each ramen is a basic blend of mushrooms, high-quality Japanese noodles, and tasty toppings, such as baked sweet potatoes, mizuna, or shelled pak choy. Umami This vegetarian ramen is so intense that it beats traditional meats.

19. Best restaurants in Warsaw: Pańska 85

The restaurant at Pańska 85 in Warsaw is a place for modern Chinese food aficionados. Their iconic dish is duck according to the legendary chef’s recipe. It is a glass duck with a crunchy crust, baked whole and served with Hussain sauce and wheat pancakes. This is just one of the many reasons why you should visit Pańska 85.

20. The best restaurants in Warsaw: Soul Kitchen, Nowogrodzka 18A

Steaks of beef from the Polish breed in Podhill are a specialty of the Warsaw Sol Kitchen. The marinated meat in the restaurant melts in the mouth like butter and does not need any additives to enjoy its excellent taste. Vegetarians from Soul Kitchen will also be happy, because they will find a unique tomato soup, buckwheat pancakes with spotted caviar, zucchini flowers in panko with ricotta or risotto with boletus. The elegant interior in the basement is often filled with the sounds of live music. It is delicious, convenient and elegant.

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