Who is Vitaly Kim? The private life of a Ukrainian politician: wife, children, family

“Good morning, we are from Ukraine!” – The words with which Vitaly Kim begins the famous videos that he addresses his countrymen and the world every day, have gained cult status and won the sympathy of millions of people. The smiling governor of the Mykolaiv Oblast region, who often jokes even in front of the camera, becomes an important commander and another, next to President Zelensky and the Klitschko brothers, a symbol of the fight for Ukraine. Some believe that Vitaly Kim may become the president of Ukraine one day. What is it worth knowing about?

“Hello, we are from Ukraine” – recordings lift the spirits of Ukrainians

On Telegram, a Russian-speaking person during the war became a kind of information center and platform for communication (also with the authorities) for the population of Ukraine, Vitaly Kim has already collected 740,000 observers. Every day he talks about the fighting at the front and about the situation in Mikowajyo. Instead of soldiers’ short letters and lamentations, Shortens the distance and focuses on humor and even jokes. The residents of Nikolaev, managed by Vitaly Kim, even laughed that no one would leave the house until Kim confirmed that he was safe. No one will sleep until the governor in Telegram tells his fans “Good night” or “I wish everyone a boring night”. “When he smiles for the camera, we can calmly prepare for bed. If he says we can sleep well, that means we can really sleep well‘,” says Natalia Stanislavchuk, a Mikowago resident and volunteer who actively supports local residents, in an interview with The New York Times.

Who is Vitaly Kim? The new leader of Ukraine’s combatants

Vitaly Kim Him The recording begins with the famous “Good morning, we are from Ukraine” and a gesture of peace. This symbolic salutation, broad smile, and the manner in which he addresses his recipients earned him the sympathy not only of his solace-seeking compatriots, but also of people from all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of viewers watched his recordings live.

Rude style, optimism and jokes, sometimes very strong, are the hallmarks of Vitaly Kim. It is not without reason that he becomes the next commander of the Ukrainian fight against the Russian occupiers. He talks about the successes of the army and territorial defense with a wide smile, about the occupiers – without any fear or frustration, about the difficult everyday life of the inhabitants of the Mykolaiv Oblast – with peace and sympathy.. When it is necessary to joke, at other times rejoice. His famous photo, in which he discusses the situation with military personnel on the phone, his legs clasped with colored stockings at his desk, has already traveled the world, and when combined with another poorly known photo, becomes a meme that lifts Ukrainian spirits.

Because Vitaly Kim knows very well how to raise the spirits of his compatriots, how to support them, and give them hope and a moment of comfort through his videos. The videos below are just a few of his reassuring statements. “Hello, we are from Ukraine,” Kim said with a broad smile to the camera. “They fail well, but we fail them,” – he told the combat residents. “Forgive the question, but are iPhones in Russia still working?” he joked in another report.. “We are witnessing an attack. The Russians have just entered our airfield. We managed to retake everything else and we will expel them soon. Everything will be fine. The Ukrainian forces have already taken them back!). “I just flew. Not only am I smart anymore, but also handsome.” “War is war, but I eat dinner as planned. I advise you to do that too”, he talks to the camera another day, urging the people of his neighborhood to take care of their needs. “It’s okay, don’t worry, the city is defending itself, the enemy is about to crash into the wall. We can see everything. Everything works. No time to talk. Everything is fine. And it’s okay.” He says during the next attack.

my strategy? To be definitely more cheerful than the situation allows. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how serious it is, he told the New York Times.

Could it be that another leader of Ukraine, after Volodymyr Zelensky, the Klitschko brothers or the advisor to President Alexei Aristovich, is growing? naturally. Vitaly Kim’s name appears in Ukrainians’ talks – also in the context of a possible future presidency.

Vitaly Kim: private life, wife, children

Vitaly Kim recently celebrated his 41st birthday. He was born on March 13, 1981 in Mikowagov – the city that he successfully defends today. His father, Oleksandr Kem, was a famous basketball coach and a member of the youth basketball team of the Soviet Union.. Vitaly Kim, of Korean origin, studied economics at Nikolaev University. At the age of seventeen, he started taking his first steps in business. His duties included managing the Ushuaia recreation complex in Nikolaev. Over the years, Vitaly Kim has developed more business projects in his home city. In 2019, he joined the election staff of Volodymyr Zelensky. A year later he was appointed governor of the Mykolaiv Oblast. He has proven to be a good leader in difficult times. Especially, Vitaly Kim For years, he has been married to Julia Kim, with whom he has three children – Daughters of Yevgenia, Oleksandra, and Ibn Ruslan.

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