U2 in Kyiv was bombed. Bono sang with the vocalist of Antilla who serves in the Ukrainian army

The joint performance of U2 fronatman and singer of one of the most popular Ukrainian bands in Kyiv that was bombed was an exceptionally moving event. We reveal how this extraordinary party and the extraordinary gift that Taras Topolia gave to Bono came about.

Bono and the edge They appeared in Kyiv at the invitation of Volodymyr Zelensky. The singer and guitarist of U2 has informed fans of his concert in the war-stricken capital of Ukraine via the band’s official Twitter account. Bono and David Howell Evans, accompanied by him on classical guitar, performed at the Khreschatyk metro station “to show their solidarity with the Ukrainians,” as they put it in a post on social media.

During the 40-minute show, watched by about 500 people gathered at the subway station, Bono sang songs like “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” “Desire,” and “With or without you.” at some point Four men in field uniforms join the vocalist and guitarist of U2. Someone started singing a duet with Bono and did a great job. But the vocal skills of this soldier shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Taras Tobulia spent the most time holding a microphone, and not a rifle in his hand.

Who is Taras Topulia?

The 34-year-old Taras Topulia is one of the brightest Ukrainian pop stars. Born in Kyiv, Topolia became interested in music at around the age of six. It was then that he saw a symphony orchestra performing on television for the first time. The boy was so fascinated by the playing of a violinist that Taras’ mother decided to enroll her son in a music school. the next day For nearly ten years, Topolia learned to play the violin, and his field was classical music. Taras also sang first in the boys’ choir and then in the men’s choir.

Taras Topolia was not interested in contemporary music until the end of primary school. Then he formed his first band. Then, instead of taking lessons, he would often attend rehearsals that took place in the basement of his school. For understandable reasons, the absence of Taras’ parents deeply disturbed him. But in the end, they managed to come to a compromise: he Proceed to law studies at the prestigious State Academy of Internal AffairsAnd they completely accepted his fun musical hobby.

It was this rule that would allow me to get a profession, thanks to which I could earn a living, if I did not succeed in music – said Taras Topulia about studying criminal and civil law.

Taras Topulia was a good law student. So good that the academic lecturers, knowing his passion for music, released him from some classes so that he could take part in rehearsals. In 2008, Topulia together with friends founded the band Antytila ​​(Antibodies). Soon, Taras’ team took part in the TV show “Szansa” and although they could not win this talent show, they impressed the jurors and won the hearts of the audience. It was the real beginning of Taras Topoli’s musical career.

It was then that we released our first album, shot a music video, signed a contract with the company and began our journey to the big stage – Taras recalled this period in an interview with a journalist from the Ukrainian portal.

From law school to stadiums

Taras Topolia has come a long way since their performance on “Szansa”. First of all, its composition has changed almost completely – from the original one Antitil Only Topolia and Serhi Phosik remained. The band is constantly and painstakingly built their popularity. In an interview with reporters, Taras emphasized that “fame did not fall” on antibodies:

We released CD after CD, toured a lot and finally moved from small bars to two sports palaces in Kyiv and stadiums all over Ukraine – the Antytil singer explained in one of the interviews.

The antibodies played concerts in 50 cities in Ukraine, one city in Belarus, seven US cities and one Canadian city. Intensive and successful Antibody activity stopped… Covid-19. The coronavirus outbreak has forced the team to temporarily suspend its activities. But, despite the fact that the vacation to work was too expensive for Topolia (there was no revenue from tickets, and advance payments for the rental of concert halls were already made), Taras did not mention this period poorly:

We walked around every day, and some days twice. It is very stressful mentally and physically. I’m an introvert, so it took a lot of my energy too. After the performance of the Sports Palace in Kharkiv, we returned home to rest for two days and did not return on tour, because concerts were prohibited. I was breathing and relaxing and spent the next three months with my family, my children and my wife.

After a three-month break, Topolia and his friends began working on a new album. They also managed to play some concerts. Once again, the band had to suspend its activities. This time because of the war.

Taras Topolia – Ukrainian ordinary, extraordinary

Soon after Russian forces attacked Ukraine, Taras Topulia and his colleagues joined the armySo that – as Tubulia explained in an interview with an ABC News reporter – “to fight for their children’s future.” At first, the musicians ended up in a unit stationed near Kyiv.

Taras is a military medic whose main task is to help wounded soldiers. together The antibody singer became one of the faces of the Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression.

Taras not only tells journalists from all over the world about the tragic situation in his homeland or sings with the greatest music stars (before the duet with Bono, the singer Antel recorded a song with Ed Sheeran), in order to ensure the support of Ukraine from the world. general. Topolia balcony It also organizes campaigns to collect donations and military equipment for the Ukrainian army. Interestingly enough, he started doing this long before February 24, 2022.

Because Topolia is a co-founder of a foundation that has been providing military equipment to soldiers who have been fighting Russian invaders in eastern Ukraine since 2014. Balcony with volunteers Raise money to buy bulletproof vests, helmets, and medical supplies, among other thingsAnd then hand them over to the area where the fighting was taking place.

We happened to be assisted and couldn’t go back with the lights on. Mine exploded nearby, and we were driving with the lights out – Tobolia mentioned in one of the interviews. “But I don’t consider it to be a very brave act to compare it to serving a soldier.” When you come as a volunteer, you give things away and return to a peaceful, civic life. The army is under fire and death every second.

sliver of Bono

During the performance with Bono, Taras Topolia not only sang. at some point He pulled a wrinkled coin out of his pocket and handed it to the Irish singerSaying, among other things:

I want to show you something. Look, this is the piece of the missile that exploded. He flew straight to our base, stopped at a huge billboard, and was happy on his way. This may be the first time an advertisement has saved someone’s life. That is why I address the leaders of Europe and America with one question: Are the values ​​and principles of the free Western world just a pretext, a way to circumvent propaganda? Is it light or just lighting? Do they really mean so much to you that you will stand with us and fight for them to the end? Today, we are not only defending Ukraine’s future, but human values ​​and our freedom. We are shaping the future of Europe in these moments.

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