The party scene in Malta is ready for summer 2022

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After a few years of calm, Malta returns with a rich festival offering themed many outdoor events, full of carefree fun and interesting artistic events. party people and Music lovers will be able to enjoy live music and professional recording, because this season we are all making up for lost time by enjoying until we run out!

Summer events:

– For those unfamiliar with this phrase, the acronym DLT You know “days like this‘, a high-quality music experience that is returning to the UK but has become a global sensation right from the start. The DLT team organizes events in exotic locations such as Bora Bora Ibiza-Malta, Cafe del Mar Malta, Gianpula Village and Uno Malta, featuring performances by DJs and artists. Celebrities from all over the world and the most prominent stars of this event are Reema, Shinsei, Wizkid and Kaytranada, among others.

– For the 14th time we present a free summer music festival MTV Island, Back at Il-Fosos Square in Malta. This year will see, among others, a versatile genre and artist – French Montana, and award-winning and world-famous DJ – Marshmello. Over the past 13 years, this unique event has attracted tens of thousands of fans from all over the world, so you should consider purchasing tickets in advance to secure your seat in front of the stage.

Summer Dance Music Festival Daze Malta This year it starts on August 10th. The most famous musicians of electronic dance, pop and house music will appear on the stage. We have invited the best DJs from around the world who will join their efforts to co-create this unique music event, which will take place for the first time since 2019. To receive more information about this event and to find out the latest developments, go to the dedicated website.

This is the fifth edition glitch festivalWhich promises to be more important than ever. After a forced two-year break, guests will be able to count on crazy parties on rooftops, boats, and even in mysterious caves. Dancing is not only allowed, it is required too! Participants will get a great deal of the best in live electronic music, with the main festival taking place in the village of Gianpola from August 14-15. The last event on the boat will take place on June 16th. Click here to buy tickets and learn more.

– Referred to as “the craziest party in the world”! At the end of the season, i.e. September 14, Hello He brings an explosion of light, color and sound to sunny Malta. This world-famous brand creates unforgettable artistic events all over the world, including famous places like Ibiza. The event will be a unique blend of electronic music, multi-sensory impressions, psychedelic scenes and many colorful confetti. Follow the slogan of the creators – Dance like no one is watching (Dance like no one’s watching) – This epic event will be a true example of authentic party-goers. More information can be found on the brand’s website Hello in Facebook.

– When summer begins in autumn with autumn approaching, we warm the atmosphere with a unique music festival for four days drum code. Over 50 talented artists will feature on seven separate stages, designed specifically for the event. Some of the notable party names are: Adam Baer, ​​Chris Liping, DJ Rush, Joris Voorn, Maceo Blix, Monica Cruz and many more. Click here to find out more and reserve a seat.

COVID Pandemic Guidelines

Malta, like the rest of the world, is slowly reopening its doors to tourism. Thanks to this, this summer we will be the perfect place for a crazy event full of holidays, even for many groups.

From 9 May 2022, Malta will drop the red or dark red designation for countries adopted during the pandemic. This means that tourists from any country in the world will be able (as long as they have been fully vaccinated or have a COVID-19 certificate in the past six months or a negative COVID-19 test result) to stay in our country without being quarantined. In the case of testing, we accept the result of express tests (performed within 24 hours of departure) and results of PCR tests (performed within 72 hours of departure). If the tourist does not have any of the previously mentioned documents with him, he will be required to undergo a 10-day quarantine. This period can be reduced to seven days by having a negative COVID-19 test.

In addition, we do not require face masks to be worn on flights to or from Malta. It is also not required in confined spaces, which means it is not necessary to attend any mass event or festival. Also, the event attendance quota has been brought back to pre-COVID standards, which means many more people will be able to take advantage of our extensive art offer this summer.

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