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Contemporary masculinity is currently undergoing a transformation, and with it the approach to fatherhood. Are we ready for these changes? Share the Care responded that yes! We invite you to a discussion with the participation of famous parents (Jarek Kania – Ojcowska Stron Mocy, Rafał Myśliński – Suchy Tata, Łukasz Dominiak – from your father, Przemysław Furlapa – BNP Paribas Bank) who are not afraid to confront stereotypes and are leaders of social change. Two women will also participate in the discussion – Olga Legosz of the Sukces Pisany Szminką Foundation and Karolina Andrian, President of Share the Care.

The discussion will be broadcast on the Share the Care Foundation’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

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– 22.06.2022, 21:00 legal webinar “Parenthood according to the law”

We offer a knowledge CD on parental rights. The webinar is designed to help parents learn about the legal issues that each will face after the birth of their child. This time, on the occasion of the upcoming Father’s Day and the publication of the “Facet na 100 pro” guide, we will take a closer look at all the benefits that fathers are entitled to and discuss the new rights resulting from the European Union Work-Life Balance Directive.

The webinar will be hosted by: Marzena Pilarz-Herzyk – and Karolina Andrian from Share the Care Foundation

More information and registration (You need to register for the webinar, the number of places is limited!).

– 06/23/2022 premiere of a special episode of the podcast Wspólne Dzieci = Wspólne Duty (link), in which Carolina Andrian of the Share the Care Foundation talks with Rafał Olbrys, director of the Office of Talent Development at Santander Bank Polska, about what it means to be on parental leave and what employers can do to help men decide to take time off.

And most importantly 23.06 2022 First Presentation of Share the Care Guide “Facet na 100 PRO – Or How to Enjoy Breastfeeding Parenthood”where you’ll find expert articles, legal information on how to exercise your rights after the birth of a child, and texts by the Foundation’s ambassadors who share their experiences and offer advice on how to overcome barriers to engaged parenthood.

The guide can be downloaded here

We would like to remind you that the EU Work-Life Balance Directive will be implemented this year, which will give parents new rights.

“In August, dads will have 9 weeks of parental leave reserved just for them. If a dad doesn’t take advantage of this, he will really miss out on the unique opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with the child, learn more about his or her needs, and thus gain greater confidence as a caregiver. He will also lose out on his child. Dad Not a substitute for mom. Dad plays an important role, regardless of the role of mom. We want gentlemen to see it as an investment in a happy family. Carolina Andrian, president of the Share the Care Foundation, says losing a certain percentage of pay during parental leave won’t sound like A loss, but a long-term investment with a high rate of return.

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