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The last bells will be ringing in schools soon, and that means one thing: holidays! For many of us, this is an opportunity for a longer trip and the comfort they crave. Vacations are also associated with costs, so it is worth thinking in advance about the appropriate preparation. Saving on holiday shopping will be even easier thanks to Lidl Polska’s latest offer. Starting from Wednesday, June 15, in chain stores and on the website we will find many holiday accessories and gadgets that will be useful on the beach or mountain passes, and they are presented at low prices.

We usually choose the holiday items, such as accommodation or destination, well in advance. However, quite often, a few days before the holidays, we find out that we lack basic equipment. To complete it, we shop at the last minute before leaving the house or buy after arriving at the holiday resort. For this reason, we often spend much more than we initially assumed. To avoid this, it is worth planning expenses, making a list of necessary things and starting to complete useful accessories ahead of time. Thanks to this, we will save time, avoid unnecessary hustle and noise in stores and reduce the home budget.

essential beach

Sunbathing is synonymous with the holidays for many. Placing as close to the sea as possible or finding a bit of shade isn’t the only challenge that awaits before we spread out comfortably on a chaise longue. If you are planning a vacation with kids, it is worth to prepare yourself for it Rocktrail Lockable Beach Tentwhich will be a great alternative to the classic screen, in addition, it will protect us from strong winds or strong sunlight. We will find it in Lidl’s latest offer – starting from Wednesday 15th June, it will be available for the PLN 99/1 package. For lovers of more compact accessories, it will be a good solution Crivit canopy with windbreak (69.90 PLN / 1 set). Fans of lounging in the sun will be pleased Crivit inflatable sofa, which will be offered by PLN 20 cheaper at PLN 59.90 / 1 item (instead of PLN 79.90). It would be a good supplement to a great holiday Crivit beach towels, dimensions 93×170 cm (PLN 34.99 / 1 piece)which will be offered at a low promotional price (instead of the regular price of PLN 44.99).

When the mountain pass is around the corner

Hiking in the mountains or cycling in the forest are the most popular ideas for spending time on vacation. Active entertainment promotes health and is a great solution when we hear from the lips of our children “Mom, Dad, I’m bored!”. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is worth starting to supplement the equipment – for this, visit the website We’ll find there, among other things Aluminum excursion poles (89.90 PLN / 1 set) A good solution for hiking – too Tourist backpack in two versions to choose from: High Peak Sherpa (PLN 499/1 item) and High Peak Kenya (PLN 299/1 item)To pack the necessary things on the road. We can also find Lidl’s latest offers Zündapp city bike, 28 inches (1,399 zlotys / 1 item)Which will be useful not only on vacation, but will be ideal for city trips throughout the year.

Eating out at restaurants can make up a huge part of your vacation budget. In order to save on food, it is worth preparing some dishes yourself. And if you are planning a trip abroad, taking some produce from home may be a good solution. However, it is worth remembering that food products, especially if we have to overcome a long road, must be transported in the right way. To keep it fresh, you can consider stocking yourself with it Crevit portable electric refrigerator has a capacity of 30 liters and can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. The product is available in Lidl Polska stationary offer and on The refrigerator will be available in Lidl Polska stores at a special promotional price – PLN 199/1 (instead of PLN 249).

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