Cate Blanchett alone – childhood, youth, family, husband and children

“Born to Play Queens”, “Hollywood’s Most Aristocratic Actress”, “Contemporary Greta Garbo!” This is how Cate Blanchett is described as a movie star. In private, the actress from Australia amazes with her modesty. The Armani fashion house icon wears a chain store. When Cate Blanchett was asked about everyday life, she said, “I love frying scrambled eggs, weaving flowerbeds, and making sandwiches for my sons.” No big fuss. Same husband for 25 years… Let’s not be confused by her sober image. To be in her current location, she had to show her paw more than once.

A scientist predicts the advent of a new era. Homeless lump. A worker in a red helmet. A drunken punk with a pet in his mouth… Each of these characters is Cate Blanchett, who played 13 different roles in Julian Roosevelt’s “Manifesto.” She has proven that she can play anything. In addition to an outstanding acting talent for radical transformations Helped by her excellent hearing of foreign languages, slang and a three-octave voice – Cate Blanchett can speak freely in baritone and erroneous.! He was close, and one of Hollywood’s brightest stars today has become the Australian curator.

Cate Blanchett’s childhood in the suburbs of Melbourne

Ivanhoe, a suburb of Melbourne. the seventies. There is a performance for primary school children in the concert hall. They go crazy when an actor fails and his mustache falls. Only One Girl Never Laughs: Catherine Elise Blanchett. He wants to help the actor stick to his mustache, and save the enchanted world of the show. This is how he describes his first encounter with the scene after many years. He has a good childhood. Parents are not wealthy, but the atmosphere at home is friendly. Like many Australians, the Blanchett family lives with their three children. John Blanchett’s mother teaches at the school, and father Robert Blanchett runs a small business.

Kate is an extraordinary child: she dances in the streets or conducts an orchestra of her peers whom she persuades to hit oil drums. Mischievous and does not care. Her father affectionately described her as “incredibly stubborn”. She still asks her parents to tell her the romantic story of how they met: The ship on which Cate’s father Robert Blanchett sailed to Antarctica was forced to call in the port of Melbourne due to failure. Forced stop. The US Navy officer went ashore to the jazz club where he met the Australian in June. fall in love. He wrote her letters for three years, after which he left the sea and his homeland, moved to Australia and took up the real estate business. They got married. The poet was cut short by his early death. For ten-year-old Kate, the world collapsed. She had to grow up fast.

Youth crisis, modeling career and the first role of a future star

After her father’s funeral, she said to her mother: “I will help you, I will earn money as a nanny or a saleswoman at a vegetable seller.” She is too young to keep her promise, but too stubborn to not keep it. Adds years to himself and gets unauthorized part-time jobs for just a few dollars. He is going through a youth crisis: he shaves his head, listens to psychedelic music, wears slutty black clothes. But her extraordinary beauty is still visible. Someone from a modeling agency noticed her and invited her to a photo test. In high school, Kate gets some extra cash on the runway, but she’s thinking about archeology. Maybe working in a museum is an idea? Overnight, she buys a ticket to Cairo, although she does not have enough time to stay in a hotel. He resides in homeless shelters and in monasteries. Serendipity helps in Cairo.

Walking around town, he comes across a British crew making a poor boxer movie. They are looking for a girl who will play the cheerleader in this episode. Cate Blanchett does it for a few pounds. This is her first camera contact. After returning to Australia, she entered economics, but at the university she was only interested in drama classes, so she changed her studies to the National Theater Institute in Sydney. He got his first job advertising cookies. He buys an Armani suit for his pay. Don’t think this outfit isn’t in her pocket. She is again a girl who does what she wants to do. And awakens her appetite to shine and shine.

Cate Blanchett’s husband – Andrew Upton. man for life

Next to the Blanchett family lived a married couple: the wife waited for her husband every day in front of the factory. They came home with their arm, with a bouquet of flowers. Kate told her mother that she was envious of her neighbour. June gave her the situation: “Not worth it! It’s the love of the show. Everyone knows he hits her and cheats on her. Remember, Kate, it’s not worth having a guy at any cost!”

The mother’s words will set her tone for men: “I want a partner, a lover, a friend,” she says in interviews, while still single, “a man for life, with whom I will feel safe and comfortable.” Hang the crossbar high.

Dinner with friends, representative community. Andrew Upton, screenwriter and playwright, is someone new to the company. He seems cocky, but Kate, after their first long conversation, feels like she has a special relationship with this guy. Humor and sensitivity, thanks to which they do not have to explain much to each other, because they think alike. She invites him to dinner. It cooks terribly. Trout with an exotic flavor is a fail. Andrew Upton can’t swallow it nor hide it. They laugh together over a cooking misstep that doesn’t stop him… they suggest Kate over dessert“I’m not looking for a chef, I’m looking for a woman with personality,” she says.

Cate Blanchett agreed to the marriage on the spot: ‘I just knew it was marriage. I’m analytical and crazy at the same time,” he commented on the marital decision years later. The couple did not have pictures from the wedding – they could not afford a photographer at that time.

Kate plays episodes. Fortunately, shortly after the wedding, she was offered the role of Queen Elizabeth I in Shekhar Kapoor’s fashion film “Elizabeth”. The challenge is great. She has to shave her eyebrows, her age, because she is 29 years old and she plays a 52-year-old. She is not British, which puts pressure on her. He’s been filming for three months. Single.

When a few years later She becomes the mother of three sons (Dashelle, Roman and Ignatos), and decides to go to filming locations with her family. When the producer does not agree to their presence during the shooting, he does not accept the offer. I was incensed by the frequently asked question in interviews: “How does a ladylike actress deal with raising three children?” I explained, “The kids never come on time. You have to do your best and get it done!” Later, she already briefly dismissed journalists: “Do you also ask this question to men?” In 2015, she and her husband decided to adopt a child. This is how six-week-old Edith goes into the star family. Blanchett at the best moment of his career.

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