Marc Chagall did not like the authorities. Today is worth a fortune

  • Chagall, of Jewish origin, had to wander the world almost all his life. He eventually settled in France, and the Eiffel Tower became a symbol of freedom for him
  • He spent the first few years of his life in Paris, where he lives and works in the legendary home and workplace of the French avant-garde since the beginning of the 20th century. There was appreciated for the first time
  • On June 17, 40 unique Marc Chagall paintings from the estate of his heirs will be sold at Kornfeld Auctions in Berne.
  • Works up for auction by the artist will include, among others, “Mariés et bouc rouge dans le ciel” from 1982. Its value is estimated at 200,000 PLN. Francs, approximately 900 thousand. zloty.
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Throughout his long 98-year life, Marc Chagall has combined subjects into an ever-changing drawing program. “There are so many things in art that it is difficult to find keywords. But why do you really have to try to open these undiscovered portals in painting? Words – it is what he used to say about this openness that made Chagall so popular.

In his youth, he spent several years in Paris, where he lived and worked in “La Ruche”, one of the legendary centers of art, where French and foreign art pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century lived and worked. It was there that Chagall was recognized for his surrealist compositions, in which he combined dream with reality, although surrealism as an artistic movement took root only after a good ten years.

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After the outbreak of World War I, Chagall returned to his hometown. He was born in the Vitebsk region of today’s Belarus. There he married Bella Rosenfeld, the muse and model of his paintings depicting lovers and mother and child themes. Then he competed with Kazimierz Malewicz for the Soviet authorities, which he ultimately did not like.

In 1941, Marc Chagall, of Jewish descent, fled to the United States. Immediately, he received support from the legendary smuggler Varian Fry. However, he lived in precarious conditions. Seven years later he returned to France, his adopted home. The Eiffel Tower, which often appears in his paintings, became a symbol of freedom for him.

Marc Chagall auction in Kornfield

In the south of France, where Marc Chagall settled, he quickly became very popular. Illustrations of the Old Testament, ceiling paintings at the Opera Garnier in Paris, murals at the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in New York, and stained glass windows at Metz Cathedral contributed to his fame. After years of sadness and uncertainty, his work seemed fresh and carefree. However, the icons remained distinguished by Hasidic origin and original customs.

Example? Small painting “Mariés et bouc rouge dans le ciel” from 1982 (estimated value 200,000 Swiss francs, or approximately 900,000 PLN), dimensions 35×24 cm, which will be exhibited at Kornfeld Auctions in Bern on June 17, 2022. At auction , 40 small-scale paintings belonging to the Chagall family, i.e. new, are on the market and have a unique history.

Photo: Marc Chagall / VJ Bildkunst, Boone 2022 / Die Welt

“Mariés et bouc rouge dans le ciel” by Marc Chagall

An elegant young couple, under a canopy, rises above the Vitebsk panorama, where the synagogue can be clearly seen. As usual, the party is accompanied by loud musicians and a rooster, which is the “Chagall” symbol of strength (also durability) and fertility.

The mysterious animal – a bright red goat – as a symbol of eternal inspiration, larger than life. At this point, almost at the end of a long creative life, it can be read as a positive recall, but also as a triumph of creativity.

At the bottom of the canvas is a 95-year-old artist, who is very young. He reads the book of his life.

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