Wodecki Twist Festival 2022: Zbigniew Wodecki on stamp

Wodecki Twist Festival After a two-year break, he returned to full meetings with the public. The event will be attended by the greatest Polish stars, whether they have been active on the stage for years or representatives of the younger generation.

“In the jubilee year, as in previous years, musical diversity and generations are important to us. We prepare a series of concerts and put them in the most beautiful theaters in Krakow. There is no doubt that you will be able to hear a unique and distinctive combination of sounds, patterns and original times “- says the artistic director for the festival Kasia and Wycka Stubbs.

On the evening of June 11 at the ICE Congress Center in Krakow “Friends Gala”. Participation in this event will include, among others: Alicia MajuskaAnd the Anya RusovichAnd the Ralph KaminskyAnd the Krzysztof ZalowskiAnd the Andre LambertAnd the Joanna CollegeAnd the Maciej MusiałowskiAnd the Natalia Szroder And the Macej Malichuk And the Sound’n’Grace And an orchestra under a baton Tom Szymuś. Tonight’s hosts Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska And the Krzysztof Ibis.

The concert will be broadcast from 20:00 on Polsat TV and on the Interia website.

“The gesture of the Polish newspaper and the manifestation of my father as an important symbol – not only for music, but also for the whole of Poland – is an event not only touching and worthy, but also, it seems to me, necessary – she said during the ceremony Katarzina and Wudica Stubbspresident Zbigniew Wodecki FoundationEspecially the daughter of the late artist.

According to her assessment, “The coolest thing is that the seal can reach any home at this point.” “I believe that my father in every house in Poland was and remains exceptionally loved and loved, and therefore he will be with you all the time” – added the president.

The stamp provided shows the character of Wodecki, holding a violin in his hands – an instrument with which he has always been associated and played on many Polish theaters for decades, attracting fans among successive generations and young adults. Older fans know him even from his days Piwnica Pod BaranamiThe kids fell in love with their joint activities with the band Mitch and Mitch.

Andre BudzionePoczta Polska, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Poczta Polska, noted that the character comes from the “Stars of Polish Music” series, which is issued specifically to commemorate and recall the personalities of Polish music who contributed to the development of this field. art. the first was Krzysztof KrautzicAnd in May – on the occasion of the seventy-second birthday and the fifth anniversary of his death – Zbigniew Wodecki was commemorated in this way.

“The stamp, which has a circulation of 168 thousand, is available in post offices and we know that it is very popular among our customers. We encourage everyone to use these facilities and buy not only this beautiful publication for stamps, but also others, which we will present for issue this year, ”- said Budzioni.

Zbigniew Wodecki – a multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer born in Krakow – died in May 2017 in Warsaw at the age of 67.

The artist has been associated with Piwnica Pod Baranami and the group since the end of the 1960s Anawa. He was a musician with the Polish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra and the Krakow Chamber Orchestra. In the seventies he made his debut as a singer. author and performer of such songs as “Start with Bach”, “Chaopi”, “I like to go back to where I was”, “Tell me yes”; He is also famous for performing a song on “Maja the Bee”. Collaborate with artists like Ewa Demarczyk, Marek Grichota, Zdzisława Sośnicka, Alicja Majewska, Włodzimierz Korcz, Grzegorz Turnau, Andrzej Sikorowski, Krystyna Prońko, Ewa Bem.

President Andrzej Duda honored him posthumously with Officer of the Cross of the Order of Poland Restituta for his outstanding contributions to the development of Polish culture.

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