English-style kitchen: how to arrange it, to make it comfortable and stylish?

The English style kitchen is friendly and comfortable. It also has old-fashioned elegance. How is it arranged? advise.

English style kitchen – classic

How to arrange a kitchen in a classic English style? First of all, such a kitchen should include solid wood furniture – the more decor, the better. The Victorian-style kitchen also features drapes and lace curtains, giving it the feel of a cozy interior.

If you have a large kitchen, the ideal room is to divide the space into a small dining room: a large wooden table is a typical Victorian element that brings a lot of elegance to the room. It is worth adding chairs with soft seats decorated with floral patterns.

Another element that goes well with the classic style is good lighting. A Victorian kitchen should have a large chandelier. It should hang at a central point – so that it lights up every nook and cranny in the kitchen. A chandelier for an English-style kitchen doesn’t have to be big or rich with ornaments – most importantly, it has to fit right in with the colors we’ve adopted. On the walls it is also worth hanging small sconces of a delicate and bright shade. Old-fashioned household appliances (cooker hood, gas cooker, stylized oven) will work in such kitchens.

There should be tiles on the walls in an English-style kitchen – just as on the floor. It is better to choose a completely matte one. When it comes to her colors, she should rock the palette Natural colors such as brown, white and yellow. We should definitely avoid black – especially in small kitchens.

Of course, as in any kitchen, in the kitchen decorated in a classic atmosphere, there must be appropriate accessories. nIt is better to choose decorative dishes – delicious tableware, decorative containers for storing spices or bulk products. We recommend displaying the most beautiful types of porcelain in glass cabinets or on shelves. It is also worth placing kitchen accessories that look like an old one – such as a copper kettle, a clay pot or copper pots. What about window frames? The curtains for the English-style kitchen are calm white or beige, but have a rich lace motif.

English style kitchen – modern

Although the classic Victorian style in interiors continues to grow in popularity, it is still breaking the biggest records English style – modern. It is a mixture of classic and modern solutions – thanks to it it works well in the homes of people who do not want to give up modern design.

What distinguishes this style? “First of all, the English-style kitchen furniture – modern, though not made of solid wood – refers to its design. It is usually made of high quality MDF boards. The element that directly indicates the combination of this furniture with those well-known from the classic English style are also kitchen handles – intricately decorated and made of materials such as, for example, brass. However, this type of furniture can be combined with more modern furniture: glass or metal, provided that we choose one of very high quality, finished with openwork ornaments.

How to arrange an English-style kitchen – modern when it comes to wall or floor finishes? It is worth choosing a matte tile in a light English style or bleached parquet: the brighter it is, the better. Some walls can be covered with delicate wallpaper with vintage floral patterns that contrast slightly with modern furnishings. It is best to choose one that will fade over time.

What additions to the English kitchen should you choose if you want to combine classic and modern style? When it comes to typical Victorian motifs: choose English porcelain with floral patterns and soft, bright drapes. Of the more modern solutions, we recommend low-hanging steel kitchen lamps to replace the classic chandelier. It is also worth focusing on the addition of fashionable pastel colors – for example on the lamp shades of wall lamps or worktops.

English style kitchen – glamor

Another version of the English style in the kitchen is the variety of sparkles, enriched with the presence of sparkles, luxury and diamonds. This combination is very elegant, but the most difficult to arrange: if we exaggerate the characteristic motifs of the style of brilliance, we can make the kitchen not very elegant. What arrangements will ensure a balance between both approaches? Choose a combination of wooden furniture and classic decor, with a touch of diamond patterns: diamonds can be the main pattern of tile mosaics; It is also worth buying quilted kitchen stools.

It is better to cover the floors and walls with light tiles: you can choose both large and small floors arranged in a geometric pattern. You must not forget about the proper balance between finishes. The classic English style is based primarily on the rug – sparkles with sparkles. If you want to add a little sparkle to your kitchen, lay on glossy floors or countertops – horizontal surfaces, and leave them in a mat. Thanks to this, you will avoid exaggeration and keep the kitchen in a very elegant, but also modern style.

As for the shades that dominate the room: the kitchen in gray or white will be best. You can also choose a delicious beige or color palette mauve.

When arranging your kitchen, you should not forget about lighting. Lamp for the kitchen in the English style – luster, it can be a modern chandelier, rich in ornaments, or a steel lamp. It should be placed in the center of the room. What about the decorations? You can replace thin curtains with gray curtains that reveal at least half of the shutters, and instead of porcelain covered with floral patterns, offer a uniform curtain: white, gray or black. Re-coat faucets and knobs with brass to maintain the kitchen’s classic vibe. You can also choose delicate, openwork motifs that indicate the pattern of motifs on English curtains or tablecloths.

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