What is lomi lomi massage?

Noun Lomi lomi massage In Hawaiian, it means, among other things, kneading and pressing and working inside and out. These statements, of course, apply to the human body. in a different sense Lomi Lomi It’s a delicate cat’s claw touch. Lomi lomi massage It allows you to feel happy, relaxed and satisfied with the soul and body. Provides relaxation and satisfies the need for physical contact. It is performed with the hands or forearms. According to Hawaiian tradition, this massage was performed on a stone altar. Lomi lomi massage It takes about two hours.

What is lomi lomi massage?

Lomi lomi massage It consists in massaging the whole body (except for the intimate part). To make it, you need warm oil, and then spread it on the skin. We recommend, for example, the relaxing massage oil with Ylang-Ylang Bioherba Oil. The person who gives up lomi lomi massageYou must be naked. Only private parts are covered. through the rest of the body Lomi lomi massage been detected. While Lomi lomi massage Music plays an important role and must be chosen correctly to ensure efficiency and harmony.

As an aid, you can use Beauty Balsamique® professional massage oil, which helps to relax and at the same time improves the condition of the skin. We also recommend using a rotating body toning massager to help relieve muscle tension.

Movements made by the masseur during Lomi lomi massage It should be smooth, simple and well in tune with the body’s response. The masseur should focus all the time on correctly responding to the signals of the body. It is worth mentioning that Lomi lomi massage It is always individually tailored to meet the needs of each patient, as it exists contraindications to implement it. The room in which the massage will be performed must be properly equipped. You should take care of the right mood and warmth, because the patient is naked. Only a towel covered his body. In terms of mood, the patient can count on relaxing music.

How does a lomi lomi massage work?

Initially, the masseur must obtain information about the patient’s health. The process begins with questions about illnesses and injuries, illnesses and injuries in the past. This allows you to choose the optimal method Lomi lomi massage. Lomi lomi massage It is performed on a special stone table. to implement Lomi lomi massage It can be divided into stages. In the first stage, the masseur focuses on the back, arms and legs while the patient lies on the stomach. In the next stage Lomi lomi massage You should lie on your back. Then the masseur takes care of the arms, chest, legs and abdomen. very important element Lomi lomi massage This is how to perform the movements in each stage.

  1. Massaging with oils will have a better effect, such as shower and massage oil with a touch of lavender or a relaxing bath and massage oil with a touch of Bioherba lemon.

When the patient is lying on his stomach, the movement is carried out using the forearms, starting from the shoulder. Then the masseur passes through the spine and rotates his forearm. Thus, it represents the line of motion on the buttocks. extra part Lomi lomi massage It is to move from the other shoulder, using the other forearm down the body. It is important that the movement be continuous and smooth. In the case of the back, the line of motion is at Lomi lomi massage It starts from the shoulder, then passes through the chest and lower ribs. Then he goes to the abdominal massage. Then the side of the body returns to the shoulder. after, after Lomi lomi massage The patient is advised to relax and focus on experiencing the procedure. This allows you to avoid the stress of haste, which is not lacking these days. before and after Lomi lomi massage It is recommended to drink plenty of water. Lomi lomi massage It should last from 90 to 120 minutes.

What does a lomi lomi massage give you?

Lomi lomi massage Relaxes the body and increases joint mobility. Thanks lomi lomi massage It improves metabolism and the digestive system works better. The effect is to accelerate fat burning. Lomi lomi massage Very well relaxes and calms. It also improves blood circulation. It is an ideal solution for people who live under severe stress. From Lomi lomi massage Anyone who needs a moment of respite from the world around them and can benefit from the problems of everyday life. Lomi lomi massage It affects all areas of the body: mental, spiritual and physical.

Try Bioherba’s Forest Hint Bath and Massage Oil, where the fragrance calms your senses.

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