TVN attention. Violations in the private retirement home? Part 2

TVN attention. It was meant to be safe, quiet, and professionally cared for. Unfortunately, all this turned out to be a fantasy. One of the elderly – Mr. Władysław – after several months in a private nursing home, decided to break the silence and tell him what he was about to experience. – The owner does not treat, but fills the charges with psychotropic substances. A month later, the walking guy was already turned on – says the former employee of the facility. The list of objections is longer.

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TVN attention. The case of a private retirement home

After the correspondents of TVN’s comments heard what was supposed to happen in this private nursing home, they immediately notified the Opole Voivodeship office, which oversees these facilities. It turns out that the officials know this place and its owners well. They first discovered the violations in 2014.

Sanctions were imposed on the mother of the current owner, Mrs. Iona, who was then She ran a home for the elderly without permission, that is, illegally. After some time, we checked if it stopped working. It turned out that it didn’t happen and we punished her again. In 2019, we checked the permit again and the penalty was imposed a third time, said Christian Goetz of the county office.

None of the fines imposed by the office have yet been paid. together More than 100,000 zlotys have been collected. The officials reached out helplessly, because although it is the same building, the same fee, today this activity is registered to the daughter of the previous owner, and therefore it operates legally.

The former employees have no doubt as to who is actually in charge of the center. – The daughter is only on paper. And still, as the mummy will tell you. A daughter cannot challenge her mother’s decision, says a former nursing home worker.

Are officials aware of the allegations of violence and Alcohol abuse by the center operator? The problem of aggression and alcohol is very difficult to verify during the fight. Unless someone provides evidence that something like this could happen – says Christian Goetz.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will consider the private pension home case

Mr. Władysław spent seven months in a nursing home. And despite the great embarrassment, he decided to tell us what happened to him, because he wanted someone to care about the fate of the other charges. Unfortunately, he did not live to see this moment. He died several days ago.

It turns out that Unbeknownst to the children, he was given psychotropic substances in the center. – I don’t know who wrote it to him and why. It turned out that he was taking these drugs regularly, every evening – says Marius Stensel, the man’s son.

She heals people by herself. He doesn’t cure, he just stuffs them with drugs. She says, “I spoke to Dr. W.” But she says it herself. She just says she spoke. I’m not a nurse, but you can see what happens to people after that. After a month of these drugs, the walking man is already crooked – Says the former employee of the center.

What happened to Mr. Władysław, the journalists wanted to confront the owner of the house, but she refused to meet him on camera. Now the Prosecutor’s Office will deal with this issue. Mr Władysław’s children hope the investigators will clarify all matters relating to the father’s stay in a private facility, whether he has suffered a loss of health there.

– It seems to me that both my father and the other persons residing there have been intimidated – says Mr. Marius, the son of Mr. Wadislu.

And the control of officials continues, as we learned unofficially, many irregularities have been revealed, but we still have to wait for the official report.

– I feel sorry. We could have moved dad earlier. Now you can only help those who remained there – admits Beata Beder, the daughter of Mr. Wadislav.

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