The musical magic of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is a partner in 4 international music festivals

“Open happiness”, “Taste the Feeling”, “#RealMagic” – Under these slogans, Coca-Cola offers us new experiences for 50 years in Poland and for 136 years in the world, confirming that life is worth savoring in different ways. This legendary brand not only offers us signature drinks that quench our thirst and satisfy our palate, but also shares with us the magic of unique musical events. Wanting to share positive impressions and emotions, Coca-Cola has once again entered into a partnership on international festivals that connects people around the world.

Thanks to Coca-Cola we will be able to see some great music events of the year. Electrification with sounds, visual effects, place and atmosphere – indescribable. The Romanian Festival will take place from 4-7 August and will be a true celebration of electronic music with the participation of 200 artists. Another festival, partner Coca-Cola, is the Budapest Zygit Festival, scheduled for August 10-15. Rock, alternative rock and pop stars will perform on stage. Coca-Cola has also joined the Fest, which will be held in Poland, more specifically at Park Śląski in Chorzów between 10-13 August. Musicians from all over the world will play on 9 main stages representing a group full of energy and diverse genres. The event will be accompanied by panel discussions, workshops and meetings with influencers and artists. The last festival of the summer that Coca-Cola will support is the stunning Lollapalooza Berlin, full of different sounds, taking place on the weekend of September 24-25. Coca-Cola, as a partner in music events, not only makes it possible to win tickets and be viewed by millions of people around the world, but also prepares special and branded areas to which the assembled audience will be invited on site.

Moreover, thanks to Coca-Cola, we will have the opportunity to win VIP tickets for all the above-mentioned festivals. Simply purchase the brand’s drink and download their app at: Then enter the code under the case or nut to check if we won. The lucky person who receives a package for one of the four events will be able to take two friends with him and have a great time with them, accompanied by good music. As part of the VIP experience, Coca-Cola provides travel, accommodation, and admission to concerts. Thanks to its actions, Coca-Cola gives each of us the opportunity to feel the magical rhythm of summer. Together with our friends, our friends and the Coca-Cola brand, we can experience unforgettable moments of musical ecstasy.

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About Coca-Cola System Companies:

The Coca-Cola system of companies in Poland consists of two companies: Coca-Cola Poland Services Sp. z oo and Coca-Cola HBC Polska Sp. Z o. O. Coca-Cola Poland Services is a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, the owner of the leading non-alcoholic beverage brands, present in more than 200 countries around the world. Coca-Cola Hellenic Poland is a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, which is the world’s second largest bottling company of Coca-Cola by sales, reaching more than 590 million consumers. In 2022, the brand celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its presence on the Polish market. Brands currently available in the country include: Coca-Cola Soft Drinks, Coca-Cola Zero, Cherry Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley Tonic, Juices, Nectars, Cappy Fruit Drinks, Kropla Beskidu, Kropla Delice, Mineral Water, Burn, and Monster Energy Drinks and Predator, and Phossetia Iced Tea. As of February 2020, Coca-Cola HBC Polska’s distribution offer also includes alcoholic products: Potocki vodka, Nemiroff Original vodkas, Nemiroff Delicat, Nemiroff Citron, Nemiroff Pear, Nemiroff De Luxe, Nemiroff De Luxe Honey Pepper, Nemiroff De Luxe Rested in Barell, Nemiroff De Luxe Bold Orange, Nemiroff De Luxe Burn Pear, Nemiroff De Luxe Wild Cranberry, Campari Products: Cinzano Prosseco, Cinzano Asti, Cinzano Pinot Chardonay, Cinzano Pro Sprits, Cinzano Dry Edition, Cinzano Rose Sweet, Cinzano Vermuthco Rosnoso, Vermuth Cinzano Vermuth Extra Dry, Bulldog gin, Bickens gin, Espolon Reposado, Blanco tequila, Frangelico, Grand Manier Cord liqueurs.

Companies from the Coca-Cola system are a leader in the Polish non-alcoholic beverage market. It employs a total of more than 2000 people. Since 2012, companies have invested 728 million PLN in Poland. 92% of Coca-Cola products available on the Polish market are produced at Polish factories, and 74% of all zlotys spent on Coca-Cola drinks in Poland remain in the country.

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