FETA 2022 Outdoor and Street Festival at the service of Przymorze Wielki Kultura

After a two-year break, the Vita International Festival of Outdoor and Street Theaters returns. This time the arena for artistic activities will be Przymorze and Reagan Park.

Photo: Edyta Steć / Trojmiasto.pl

The International Festival of Outdoor Theaters and FETA Streets is fast approaching. During four days, nearly 20 theaters from Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands and Israel will perform. This time, the FETA will be held in Przymorze and Reagan Park and will run from July 7-10.

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Two years after the outbreak of the epidemic International Festival of Outdoor and Street Theaters FETA Return to Gdansk. It is one of the largest and most important outdoor theater events in Poland. Since 1997, the event has enabled Gdansk residents and tourists to get acquainted with the most valuable phenomena and trends in the Polish and world street and dance scene. Every year the event attracts thousands of people to different parts of Gdansk.

This time, it will be the area showing theaters from all over Europe near Green Przymorze and the seaside Reagan Park. All events must fit into the space of nature, coexisting with a dynamically developing city.

Pictures from the Vita Festival from previous years

The author of the definition of this year's festival is Sylwister Kluczynski.

The author of the definition of this year’s festival is Sylwister Kluczynski.

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Nature is also reflected in the theme of festival performances. They will often tell about the threats and possibilities for civilization to coexist with nature, the threat of climate and the challenges we, as a community in the city, are trying to face today – including the idea of ​​hospitality, in the face of refugees and income. The most pressing topics will be told with a heavy dose of absurd humor by mime, circus performers, dancers, performers and puppeteers.who amuse audiences all over the world.

Thanks to theater companies from Poland and abroad, FETA participants will be able to look at the well-known spaces of daily walking paths from a completely new perspective. Perhaps it will become an incentive to communicate with nature more often and will allow you to hear people whom we have not noticed or did not want to notice until now.

FETY Program

The festival program includes both great outdoor performances, intimate performances bordering on new circus art, dance theatre, movement, new media and puppet shows, using the mediums of the moving form. These are suggestions for children and adults who have no age limits. Theater artists from Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania and Israel will come to Gdansk.

The festival will open with “Eurydyka”, the latest performance of the Biuro Podróy Theater in Poznancreated during the pandemic. It is an artistic reaction to the danger of separation caused by the departure of a loved one. The performance reminds of the fate of two immortal heroes: Orpheus and Eurydice. Their love is stronger than death. Orpheus, unable to come to terms with the loss of his beloved, decided to go down to Hell in search of her. The image of what is on the other side of life is mixed with reality. Teatr Biuro Podróży was founded by Paweł Szkotak in 1988. The theater company creates and produces a large open-air theater around social and political issues. His artwork focuses on physical theatre, image theatre, metaphor, and the power of music. They have performed in more than 60 countries around the world.

During this year’s Vita Festival, he will also sing Adrian Schwarzstein, an Argentine-born actor, circus director and active show artist, the festival audience might associate him with working with artists such as Kamchatka or the Wandering Orchestra, whose performances delighted the Gdańsk audience. Schvarzstein has been creating street theater in various forms for over 25 years. At this year’s Feta, he will sing in a duet with Lithuanian dancer and actress Jurate Sirvyte-Rukstelė. Telling the story of two newcomers from the not too distant past, “Arrived” is their joint workCreated during the artist’s stay in Sri Lanka. During the show, the artists will delve deeper into the city to surprise passersby, creating absurd and surreal situations.

Another theater that will come to Gdansk in July is Dutch company DaaDwho creates performances on the frontiers of the visual arts and theatre. The attention of viewers is attracted by beautiful and unforgettable images, the physical actions of the actors, and the performances are prepared without words. Their projects are poetic, nostalgic and fairy tale-like, using elements of slapstick and absurd humor. In Vita, they will present the show “Boat”, which is full of surreal and humorous scenes. It is a story about two fishermen who went on a boat trip. During their journey, they have to deal with all kinds of problems that can be expected at sea.

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First show during FETA

The Polish premiere of “Kickstart” by Finnish group Arctic Ensemble will be shown at the festival. The performance will be presented in the direction of the new circus. This is the story of six friends who are stuck in an unknown location during an unpredictable Scandinavian summer. The challenge is to pitch a tent in the woods when mosquitoes attack, and complete successive failures as you go. However, the heroes take their time and try to enjoy the moment of freedom afforded to them. The show draws inspiration from many Finnish characteristics and culture. For example, banquet dance is inspired by Finnish folk dances and hand acrobatics is inspired by Lavatanssi, a Finnish ballroom dance.

Will visit Gdansk again Sirko Pitanga. The Swiss theater is known to FETA viewers for its hilarious performances full of massive acrobatics. At this year’s edition of the festival, he will be performing “Wedding ropes”, also in the direction of the new circus. It tells about a relaxed couple preparing for the wedding. The rush and tension cause them to get involved in a comedy of mistakes and slapstick.

These are of course not all theaters that will present themselves at this year’s FECA. You will visit Gdansk, among others, Cal y Canto Teatro from Spain if German Titanic Theatre. The detailed program of the festival will be announced soon.

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