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Kacper Sztuka in the US race. Successful tycoon in F4

It was a very successful weekend for a talented driver from Cieszyn. The first round of the Italian F4 Championship was held at Imola, which consisted of three races – one on Saturday and two on Sunday. On the last day of competition on the legendary track, Kacper Sztuka took his victory. The day before, the 16-year-old was…the second.

US Racing is a team run by former Formula 1 driver and brother of seven-time world champion Michael – Ralf Schumacher and Gerhard Ungar. In the 2022 season, the team confirmed its great ambitions. Alexander Dunn, fellow arts and current leader of the Italian F4 general classification, triumphed in the second race at Imola. Kacper Sztuki’s victory in Italian F4 is one of his greatest successes. No other pole has won the competition in this tournament before.

No budget for German F4? “Parent-funded start-ups”

However, the media has circulated the information that the pole has budget issues to be able to compete in the German ADAC F4 as well. Kacper is currently funded by his parents. At the moment, he has the budget to go in one tournament. The Italian league is the strongest, so we decided with the team to bet on this tournament. We have seven rounds. Each additional race in the next round of other tournaments means he has a chance of getting points, which in the general classification is useful to be able to later say he is in third place. When he’s not driving in various other championships, those points only count for those seven rounds and go down in the overall “year” – says Kacper Sztuka Racing’s PR Manager Katarzina Purwoica.

Katarzina Purwoica Orlen already has his winger – Robert Kubica, who has Tymek Kucharczyk under his wings. After all, it is not inconceivable that he had several disciples

– In the case of the Italian F4, we have a budget ready to complete these seven rounds. Hopefully, Kacper will soon enter a higher league, ie F3, and we assume it will be next year. As of today, he drives one of the top teams, namely US Racing. From autumn to March, preparations are made for the F3 series, which, of course, costs money. No major sponsor or partner [mogą być też mniejsze firmy] Entry to the next level – F3 – will not be possible – she admitted in an interview with PolskieRadio24.pl.

The 16-year-old Italian’s success was widely reported in the media. The goal of starting in F3

What amounts can we talk about? Driving the whole season around 300,000 euros. To be precise, it is between 300-500 thousand. Euros per season, depending on the number of rounds [dodatkowo są jeszcze testy, na które trzeba polecieć]. Preparing for the F3 series in the fall, it costs about 200,000. Euro – Count Borowiecka.

The victory at Imola was widely reported in the media, and the topic of financing was covered by the topic of PKN Orlen, a concern that has been supporting Polish motorsport for years. – There was a reaction from Orlen. The talks were already held in December and the meeting will take place again. The answer was that “Kacper has to prove it with results.” As of today, Kacper has proven that this is no coincidence. At Spa-Francorchamps he was on the podium, and now at Imola he won the race twice. Still on the podium in the general classification. Orlen already has his winger – Robert Kubica, who has Tymek Kucharczyk under his wings. After all, it was not inconceivable that he had several disciples. Tymek is now in a completely different league – in Spain. She stressed that we will now return to the talks with Orleen and hopefully succeed.

Kacper Art under the auspices of Robert Kubica? There is a place for every driver.

Immediately appeared on Polish social media with work directed at PKN Orlen, which sponsors motorsports – including Robert Kubica in WEC, and the Alfa Romeo team in F1. Young talented drivers such as Mateusz Kaprzyk, Timek Kocharczyk and Maciej Gadiss are also sponsored by Płock. Agata Pniewska, director of the Office of Marketing, Sponsorship and Sports Events at PKN Orlen, noted the whole situation on Twitter. Congratulations to Casper on the podium in the last race. We are already supporting 5 young competitors and we are always happy with every sporting success of the pole, especially in motorsport. I wrote – We will closely follow the development of Kacper’s career [pisownia oryginalna].

– I hope we can boast that there is another indictment of Robert Kubica. Anyway, Kacper and Tymek know each other, they’ve been racing together since childhood. I’d never say he’s a competitor. After all, we have many high-ranking skateboarders. I think there is a place for every driver. If two of them manage to get into, for example, F1, it is better – she added.

– I think that after this victory at Imola, the interest of companies will be greater. Currently, we’re also launching a fundraiser for Patronite to contribute to this success and help fund. We are amazed that there is so much interest, including even editorial offices depositing money somewhere. You can see that there is a great desire for support and that someone will appear after Robert. To what point will it come? It depends on several factors – admitted Katarzina Purwoica.

Robert Kubica and more. How did the Poles perform in the lower series?

Previously, the Poles competed with many successes in low-end racing series, which over the years went through a revolution or were replaced by others. Robert Kubica in 2003 in the general classification of the Formula 3 Euro Series took 12th place, despite winning rounds, among others, on Norisring. A year later, he finished seventh and took second place at the Macau Grand Prix for Manor Motorsport. Repeat a similar result the next season.

In the 2012 season in Formula 2 [obecna FIA F2 jest od 2017 roku i powstała z GP2, wcześniej w latach 2009-2012 oraz jako europejska F2 do 1984] Kevin Mirocha was winning the Tour at Britain’s Brands Hatch circuit. In addition, he has stood on several podiums in Portimão, Spa-Francorchamps, Hungaroring and Monza.

The next round of Italian F4 will take place on June 5 in Misano.

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