5 directions straight from the streets of Paris. These clothes and accessories are now chosen by the most stylish residents of the fashion capital

Parisian trends inspire women from all over the world. We check out the catwalk fashion shows that are becoming popular in French women’s design. 5 of them caught our attention most often are great advice when finishing your wardrobe.

French women’s style It is impressive for many reasons. Their wardrobes are dominated by classic shapes, muted color scheme and high-quality materials, resulting in a great styling every season. Even if French women are up to the current trends, they do so wisely and on their own terms. And their role in bringing successes to the rest of the world is invaluable. During recent fashion week, we were able to see the rise of trends once again. French girls They gave their support to many of the models we already saw on the runways. Now they will undoubtedly become the most famous hit of the season, although they will remain in the wardrobes of Parisian fashion designers for much longer. Their timeless choices are some of the most inspiring elements of their style. Parisian trends Therefore, it is worth considering it in the long term, and not just in the next few months.

The French are eagerly awaiting models of clothing and accessories launched by local fashion designers, and they have some of the best in the world. The perfect example is Coco Chanel And the timeless fashion that she created. Recently, it mainly attracted attention special costumesWhich appeared in her collection almost 100 years ago. Tweed jacket and skirt from the collection However, this is only one of many incarnations suit. These combinations can also be found in many other editions, which appear quite well French women’s style. On the streets of Paris, a model in a short jacket and a graphite-colored mini jacket was presented Mara Lafontaine.

Mini skirt It is one of the biggest songs of this spring and summer. Despite the fact that the look of this dress has more to do with London fashion, there is no shortage of evidence on the streets of Paris that it was a worldwide hit. She launched the mini skirt in the sixties Mary Quant. After the premiere, this model was one of the symbols of the sexual revolution. Despite the fact that it wasn’t promoted in the ’80s and ’90s as a big hit, the 2000s brought another opportunity, and now it’s back again on the wave of fascination of that decade. This can be seen in the photos showing street fashion from all over the world. Paris is no exception. French women are the most chosen Small, simple, muted colorsWhich in their case is quite clear and natural.

Handbag trends focus not only on certain styles, colors and materials. One of the factors that can determine the popularity of a particular model is its size as well. French women certainly prefer practical solutions, so medium-sized solutions prevail in their design. They haven’t lost their heads because of the popular XXS bags of recent seasons. On the other hand, they see potential in paradigms that go against it. Big Bags It can be seen more and more in its design.

Paris girls Focus on my model shoppers. This size will definitely fit everything they might need during the day.

In direct opposition to short skirts, there are versions on the floor. Thanks to this, every Parisian and a mixture of other cities can choose the perfect length for themselves. Jennifer Lopez has promoted, among other things, long skirts for this season. However, you do not have to look for similar models in celebrity style. Visitors caught by street fashion photographers during the last one Paris fashion weekAlso, wear a maxi. was among them Zoya Mussore. The fashion designer bet on black maxi skirtWhich she combined with a blue shirt and sandals they show completely unusual socks in different colors. The yellow and blue accessories are a symbolic act of support for the situation in Ukraine.

The trends promoted on the streets of Paris should not ignore such an important topic as shoes. Parisians are more than willing to reach for sandals and shoes with a touch of personality platforms. They add a few extra centimeters to themselves, reaching mainly classic models in black or dark blue. Platform shoes are also not rare, although with increasing temperatures, such models will appear less and less.

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