Netflix tricked us? Kate Bush song after ‘Stranger Things’ premiere

  • attention! The article contains spoilers from the fourth season of “Stranger Things”.
  • The first installment of the fourth season of Stranger Things will be available on Netflix on May 27. Unexpectedly, in addition to the success of the new episodes, the creators could enjoy the enormous popularity of a forgotten hit from the 80s, which they used in the fourth episode.
  • The movie “Running in the Hill” by author Kate Bush quickly hit the charts. In a flash, it took the prestigious 8th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. However, some music critics believe that Netflix has taken advantage of viewers, and using an old movie is just a marketing gimmick.
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The eighties are back. Teens are once again wearing tie-dye shirts and pastel shades. You can see it in music too. One of the most popular songs on TikTok right now is the cover of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”. However, he falls behind on Kate Bush’s “Running That Hill.” The 1985 song returned to the charts with the new season of “Stranger Things.” Today, it is more successful than before.

It reached number eight on the US charts for the first time. “New life has been breathed into the song,” Bush herself wrote on her website, perhaps referring to herself a bit. The cult surrounding the British singer is amazing in other ways, too. In July, Australian fans got together to design Kate Bush – the red dress and red belt – to dance to her song “Wuthering Heights”. In 2013, 300 people attended a similar event.

It’s not interesting that the aesthetics of the ’80s still work so well, but why so pissed off music journalists about the Netflix series. Christopher Cornells reported satirical cross-marketing. “Der Spiegel” also sees the song from the show as “Skin”. While the work in itself is “great art”, it adds nothing to the series’ aesthetics, but only fits within the familiar scene of the 80s. Oliver Kiefer wrote: It is a pure marketing tool atop a gigantic mountain of merchandise. “

We are used to product placement. It doesn’t matter whether the photo with the ad shows packages of cornflakes or juice, or whether the influencers openly thank their sponsors. But it’s different with music, music is personal. The song “Running Up That Hill” is about a breakup that is both painfully and beautifully described. Why do we hate everyone we love? / Tell me we both matter, right? “The lines that make their way through the drums are straight to your heart. Lines that may once have brought aspiring music journalists back into their teens, and the song is just out.”

Because the most exciting thing about cross-marketing is that it really works. Kate Bush, rumored to be a fan of “Stranger Things,” is openly enjoying not only the success of her play, but also the upcoming second season of Season 4. What’s so annoying about that? Netflix, which is worth billions of dollars, may be limiting artwork to its functions as a marketing tool. The song no longer reaches our souls, but our wallets!

But is it really so? “Stranger Things” is set in the ’80s, and “Running Up That Hill” is a cult pop song from that time. Moreover, the lyrics of the song fit into the plot. It is about resisting despair. “It doesn’t hurt… I’ll run to the street, I’ll run up the hill, I’ll run to the building.” If You Could…” In the series, Max Mayfield, a strong, independent person with an aggressive half-brother, listens to this song over and over, as he struggles with monsters from the other side. Cover versions of “Elestic Band” and “placebo” appear. Also how appealing this song is and still touches young people to this day.This song is simply a classic.The basic principle of the classic: It is timeless.

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