Ethnoport Poznan 2022 – RMF Classic

Zamak Cultural Center


Looking at the pros and cons, we came to the conclusion that inviting the public to the upcoming ETHNO PORT POZNAN is the right thing to do. Our festival was never a simple group of concerts. Its meaning and message are much deeper, and are based precisely on those values ​​against which the war is being waged across our eastern frontiers. After all, in the world of aggressors, there is no place for others and diversity. You cannot be free, open, and curious about strangers and equally respectable cultures.

It is our duty to fight against the “routine” that exists in our daily lives and that does not necessarily manifest itself through direct violence. It is the same to fight the vile language of hate and defend basic human rights, including the right to free and unimpeded artistic creation.

That is why the upcoming 15th edition of ETHNO PORT POZNAŃ will take place in the ancient history, associated with the event, in June. On two stages of the festivals we will hear artists from all over the world, among which we have allocated a special place for musicians from Ukraine.

We need hope, comfort, and rest. The three days of the festival will surely be a combined time of fascination with beauty and harmony. During 3 days, 11 bands from all over the world will play in 2 stages: Trad.Attack! (Estonia), Michal Noga Ensemble (Slovakia), Vanvarra Station (Italy), Rashida Sayed (Egypt), Anwar Ibrahim Rabieh (Tunisia), Aten (Palestine/Iran/France) and Polish teams: Warsaw-Lublin Brass Band, Dzichka and Carolina Shesha and company. We have made a special place for artists seeking inspiration in the time-honored traditions of Ukraine, a place where music is ubiquitous value, naturally embedded in culture, helping to survive the toughest moments our neighbors are going through today: Drewo and Hudaki Village Ensemble.

Besides concerts, the program also includes meetings with “Listen to the World” artists, two-day vocal and kinesthetic workshops, and a series of lessons and workshops for children, “Małe Ethno”. Throughout the festival days, you’ll be able to visit the Festival Gallery in Rose Courtyard, get a commemorative eco-ethnic print on a T-shirt, and at the end of the evening, the Mescalina Festival Club will wait.

a program

10.06 Friday

  • Festival Show, from 12 noon, Rose Courtyard
  • cruiser attack! (Estonia) – 6 pm, Sala Wielka, tickets: 40 PLN
  • Michal Noga Band (Slovakia) – 8pm, Castle Courtyard, tickets: 30 PLN
  • Finfara Station (Tunisia / USA / Italy) – 10 pm, Salé Failaka, tickets: PLN 40
  • Festival Club: IGGRRR – 11pm, Meskalina, admission is free

Saturday 11.06.2007

  • 2-Day vocal and kinesthetic workshops – Ano Almagro (Finland) and Volodymyr Andruchak
  • (Ukraine) – 11-14, New Stage, tickets: 40 PLN (for a two-day course)
  • Małe Ethno: Ceramics Workshops with Zoya Sambourskaya (because) – 11-12 a.m., Rose Courtyard, free entry
  • Festival Show, from 12 noon, Rose Courtyard
  • Małe Ethno: Mała Mbi and the stars – African fairy tales – Xenia Starzyńska (4+) – 12 noon, Sala pod Zegarem, tickets: PLN 10 (child), admission is free (guardian)
  • Małe Ethno: Ceramics workshops with Zoya Sambourskaya (because) – 1pm – 2pm, Rose Courtyard, free entry
  • Małe Ethno: Develop a mandala with us! – Family workshops with (+10) – 1 pm, training room, tickets: PLN 10 (child), admission is free (guardian)
  • Listen to the world: Huculszczyzna – Meeting with Krzysztof Krzyżanowski and Maciej Rychły – 1 pm, audiovisual hall, tickets: PLN 10, admission is free (for permit holders)
  • Rashida El-Sayed (Egypt) – 5 pm, Castle Courtyard, tickets: 40 PLN
  • Drewo (Ukraine) – 19:00, Castle Courtyard, tickets: 30 PLN
  • Anouar Ibrahim Rabaa (Tunisia) – 8.30 pm, Great Hall, tickets: PLN 100
  • Warsaw-Lublin Brass Band (Poland) – 10:30 pm, Castle Courtyard, tickets: 30 PLN
  • Festival Club: DJ Loin du Vietnam – 11pm, Meskalina, free entry

12.06 Sunday

  • 2-day vocal and kinesthetic workshops – Ano Almagro (Finland) and Volodymyr Androshak (Ukraine) – 11-14, Scena Nowa, tickets: PLN 40 (for a 2-day course)
  • Festival Show, from 12 noon, Rose Courtyard
  • Little Ethno: What does the room smell like? – Workshops with Joanna Roszak (9+) – 12 noon, Castle Courtyard, tickets: PLN 10 (child), no attendance required
  • Listen to the world: Songs of the Invisible Domari Society – Meet Rachid Syed and Ukash Kumiya Band – 1pm Audiovisual hall Tickets: PLN 10 Entry is free (for permit holders)
  • Dziczka (Poland) – 4 pm, Sala Wielka, tickets: 30 PLN
  • Hudaki Village Band (Ukraine) – 5.30 pm, Castle Courtyard, tickets: 30 PLN
  • Karolina Cicha i Spółka (Poland) – 7.30 pm, Sala Wielka, tickets: 30 PLN
  • Aten (Palestine / Iran / France) – 9.30 pm, Castle Courtyard, tickets: 30 PLN
  • Festival Club: DJ HerrMaszewski – 11pm, Meskalina, free entry

Practical information

the tickets
Season ticket (10-12.06): 230 PLN
Single Concert Ticket:

  • Friday: Classic Attack! (Estonia) – PLN 40, Michal Noga Band (Slovakia) – PLN 30, Fanfara Station (Tunisia / USA / Italy) – PLN 40
  • Saturday: Rachida Sayed (Egypt) – PLN 40, Drewo (Ukraine) – PLN 30, Anouar Brahem Quartet (Tunisia) – PLN 100, Warsaw-Lublin Brass Band (Poland) – PLN 30
  • Sunday: Dziczka (Poland) – 30 PLN (Ukraine) – 30 PLN, Karolina Cicha i Spółka (Poland) – 30 PLN (Palestine / Iran / France) – 30 PLN
  • Children up to 7 years old: Free entry to concerts (sponsored by an adult with a ticket or pass)
    accompanying events
  • Meetings and film screenings as part of the “Listen to the World” package: PLN 10, free entry (for festival ticket holders)
  • Małe Ethno: PLN 10 (child), admission is free (guardian)
  • Ethnic Eco-Prints – Possibility to print on your T-shirt: Donate to Ukraine
  • Festival Club: Free entry
  • A person with a disability, if necessary, is entitled to a so-called “OzN ticket”, on the basis of which one support person can accompany him for free.
  • Tickets and passports are available at: CK ZAMEK box office, CIK, at and at the ticket service

Opening hours in important places:

  • KASA CK ZAMEK (red tube in the Grand Hall of CK ZAMEK): Friday – Sunday. In the hours 10-22
  • Festival Points Information (Lobby Zamek CK): Friday. 17-23, Saturday 11-22, h Z.11-22
  • KIERMASZ FESTIWALOWY – Pink courtyard: Friday – the sun. from g .12
    Festival Club – Meskalina (CK ZAMEK’s Pink Yard): Fri-Sun from .23 g
  • ETHNIC ECO-PRINTS (toilet in Grand Hall of CK ZAMEK): Fri. 17-19, Saturday 16-20, h.g. 15-19

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