Boho style in trends of 2022. Fashionable dresses, shirts, shoes and accessories

Boho style is still in fashion for summer 2022. Lightly airy dresses and tops, complete with eye-catching jewelry, are still very fashionable. What styles and colors to choose? Check out the bohemian dresses, blouses and accessories that are on top this season!

Boho, that is … freely, even airy, ethnic, natural, but also colorful and floral. This original and feminine style, a mixture of hippie, bohemian and vintage fashion, never gets bored. It’s perfect for the summer!

Boho style – what is it?

Today, boho is mainly associated with the hippie fashion of the 60’s and 70’s, but the roots of this style go deeper. The term “boho” indicates a connection with the Bohemian artistic style. Mention of boho appears in the context of the dressing style of writers, poets, painters, and intellectuals of the early nineteenth century. In a bohemian environment inThe biór was an expression not only of artistic research and interest in other cultures, but above all of creativity, spirituality, freedom, and opposition to strict bourgeois mores. Bohemian costumes included ethnic elements and references to gypsy folklore – ruffles, flowers, scarves and of course, distinctive jewelry – large earrings, gold bracelets and eye-catching pendants.

A century later, when hippies rebelled against norms, consumerism, and social institutions, they also demonstrated their opposition in clothing. Long skirts, flowy dresses, ethnic and floral patterns, embroidery, colorful prints or tassels – These are just some of the elements of the style that is part of boho today.

Boho Style 2022 – What is Fashion?

Boho-style jewelry from the latest Mokobelle collection – “My boho vibes by Ania Wendzikowska”.
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Boho style is a permanent element of summer collections. In the 2022 season, it is also in trend! Fans of boho (sometimes called festival style) will find interesting offers in both popular boutique offerings and original boutiques.

Boho in summer 2022 collections impress with their versatility. We will find all the characteristic features of this style – bright natural colors of linen and cotton, floral or ethnic patterns, openwork, natural fabrics, lightness and airiness.

Boho dresses from the Spring-Summer 2022 collection

Dresses are a showcase of boho style. They can be maxi, midi or mini lengths, but they are always connected to a loose, non-binding, airy fit, femininity and a casual personality. The second important element is the patterns – oriental, folk, paisley, floral (flower mills, that is, a thousand flowers), often in warm colors. In the summer, at least one dress should not be missing in our wardrobe!

Airy boho style dress with wide sleeves
And special tassels. Munary
mat. presses.
The perfect boho maxi dress from C&A’s latest collection
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Dixie- MODIVO_749.00_pln__8ss
Boho ruffled backless dress from Dixie, MODIVO.
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LIU JO MODIVO_989.00_pln__9ss
Famous paisley-patterned dress, Liu-Jo, MODIVO collection.
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An alternative to prints are also soft, natural fabrics decorated with lace and openwork, fashionable this season. An important element of the boho style are ruffles and ruffles combined with openwork. These dresses are perfect suggestions for the beach.

Boho dress from the Summer 2022 collection from H&M.
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Monnari embroidered fringed boho dress.
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1970s boho dresses come in a maxi length and usually have a deep V-neck. They’re perfect for styling in any season of the year, but they always blend best with the summer sun.

Tattoo dress 279.99.99 SAR
Dress from the Tatum collection.
mat. presses.
449 Massimo
Floral print one shoulder boho dress
The V-neckline. Massimo Dutti.
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Summer 2022 trends: Boho-style tops

Massimo Dutti
Embroidered boho linen shirt, Massimo Dutti.
mat. presses.
Floral fringe loose-fitting blouse from Femie Stories.
mat. presses.

The same airiness and love of decorative details resonate in the surfaces. Trends are tops, blouses, and shirts with ethnic patterns and flowers with the addition of frills, fringe, and colorful decorative tassels. Regardless of whether we choose a floral, white blouse, decorated with embroidery, ruffles, openwork lace, or we choose a crocheted blouse with a thick net – we will indicate the essence of the boho style. A free spirit expressing the freedom of life and its joy in fashion.

Fashion trends 2022 – jewelry and accessories in boho style

In the past, boho jewelry was mainly inspired by gypsy ornaments, but with the development of style, inspiration began to spring from different cultures and corners of the world. In boho jewelry, we can encounter the influences of the East, African cultures or the motifs characteristic of the Indians. Boho motifs include floral and animal motifs, as well as symbols typical of amulets, such as a dream catcher or the Eye of Providence. Colorful feathers and tassels that add lightness are also distinctive features.

Very feminine and functional, Boho DreamCatcher earrings
With feathers hanging on an elaborate rose, inspired by dream catchers.
The latest “My boho vibes by Ania Wendzikowska” collection from Mokobelle.
mat. presses.
Mokobelle Boho jewelry is based on three universal motifs
– Eye of Providence, Dream Catcher and Hamsa,
which symbolize protection and support.
mat. presses.

Boho-style jewelry is usually handmade, designed, and made by artists or artisans (and sometimes by hand!). The basis can be precious metals – silver, gold, as well as stones such as quartz, amethyst, turquoise, opal and moonstone. But wood, mother-of-pearl and shells are also characteristic of boho motifs. Then the charm of this jewelry lies in its flaws and naturalness.

Fashionable shoes and accessories in boho style 2022

Accessories that make up the boho style, apart from jewelry – include leather belts with a large buckle, which in loose patterns of dresses mark the waist of a woman’s waist, hats, cowboy boots, thongs and pebbles sandals, clogs, large bags with tassels, baskets.

Boho clogs from the latest Guess collection.
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Boho cowboy boots from the latest collection from Carinia (
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Boho bag with fringe from the Rinascimento collection (
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ALMA-EN-PENA -_- EOBUWIE.PL__489.00_pln __- 29ss
Boho pebbled sandals
From Alma in Pina (
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Boho loves accessories, because they crease and wrinkle and accentuate the nobility of this style. That is why carefully selected shoes are the basis, and fashion offers us a wide range of possibilities. The most popular airy dress shoes are cowboy boots, preferably of a natural brown color, worn over bare, tanned legs.

An interesting solution is also the clogs that refer to the seventies, but also the subtle patterns of sandals and slippers, which reveal the foot sensually. Boho style will be perfectly emphasized by sandals tied with fringes or decorated with shells or pebbles.

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