Almost 7 thousand students from Ukraine want to take the 8th grade exam

The eighth grade exam is fast approaching. About 7 thousand Ukrainian students declared their desire to be accepted. The problem is that not everyone speaks Polish. We spoke to journalist Justyna Sucheka about the complex educational situation of children fleeing war.

Children from Ukraine for the eighth grade exam

The eighth grade exam is written by students at the end of primary school. Nearly 200,000 people study in Polish schools. Children from Ukraine. According to the Ministry of National Education, about 7,000 of them are registered for the eighth grade examination. This group includes Yeva, who with her mother Olga Semenova is a little over two months old in Warsaw.

– In the Ukrainian school, Yeva was a top student, from the first grade she studied well. She dreamed of becoming an interior designer. Olga Semenova said that our goal is to enter high school and continue her studies.

In Ukraine we pass the exam at the end of the ninth and then the eleventh grade. When I moved here to eighth grade, I was glad I had another year to get used to. I can get used to everything and don’t have to stress or learn difficult things right away, And here I come and they tell me that I have to write a big exam and then choose a high school Yeva Semenova has been added.

However, not all Ukrainian students decided to take the eighth grade exam.

– In my school, I accepted four children up to the eighth grade, and three children were left for a remote Ukrainian school because they decided that they could not pass the eighth grade exam. One girl remained – said Danuta Kozakiewicz, director of primary school No. 103 in Warsaw.

Imagine a child from Ukraine who cannot communicate or make purchases in Polish, but has to analyze some problem, for example “Pan Tadeusz”Where you need to know the history of Poland to understand what a hostel is. You need to know Polish culture to understand the customs of the Polish nobility, and only this child can say: “Hello. My name is Yana. I come from Ukraine” – added Dzień Dobry TVN.

The eighth grade exam consists of three parts: Polish, Mathematics and a Selected Modern Foreign Language. Ukrainian students will deal with the same subjects as Polish students.

The exam is crucial for employment in the School of the Future. In the case of a Ukrainian student who has not learned Polish or is soon learning Polish, he cannot pass it at the level that would allow him to reach the appropriate school – confirmed Dagmara Paspañak, teacher of the Polish language, Elementary School No. 103 in Warsaw.

– Children from Ukraine who are able do not have a chance in the eighth grade examination. After two months, even the best work of the school, they will not be able to cope with the Polish language exam. I feel sorry for those talented kids who were punished twice for their fate Danuta Kozakiewicz admitted.

Ukrainian students in Polish schools

We spoke to Justyna Suchecka about the complex educational situation of Ukrainian children in the studio of Dzień Dobry TVN. – There was no good solution in this case. What the ministry has chosen is a solution that assures that children from Ukraine study in a Polish school, so they have to adapt to the Polish system, because we assume that they will take part in the conscription – Justina Suchica ruled.

– This year we have a very unique employment situation, up to 500 thousand. Students from Poland participate in it. So we have to take care of these little kids, and the few Polish parents who have doubts about whether their kids are going to be harmed in any way. Of course, I say this with a little irony, because it is a very difficult situation – she added.

How do you find the golden mean? How are the Ukrainian students in Polish schools? Listen to the full conversation with the journalist in the video:

How are the Ukrainian students in Polish schools?

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