Summer 2022 Cultural Guide: Exhibitions

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From Anish Kapoor, who rediscovered Venetian masters, by relaying images of Diane Arbus, to Alexandra Waliszewska’s fictional study – here are 10 galleries in Poland and around the world worth seeing in the summer.

Back to the future: Anish Kapoor

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Venue: Galerie dell’Accademia, Venice
When: By October 9, 2022

All art must accept what was already – said Anish Kapoor, one of the greatest contemporary artists who, thanks to his visionary sculptures such as ‘Sky Mirror’ and ‘Designation’, has become a pop culture icon. This time he enters the Gallerie dell’Accademia and begins a dialogue with the paintings of the Venetian masters. Curator on the solo exhibition, which will likely become one of the highlights of the season, is Taco Dibbets, director of the Rijksmuseum.

An Icon of the History of Photography: Diane Arbus: Photographs, 1956-1971

Venue: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen
When: By July 31, 2022

She began her career as a fashion photographer, but went down in the history of photography as a portrait painter for those society didn’t want to see – strangers to life and all kinds of freaks. An immigrant grinding her teeth, a dwarf looking into the lens, a strange trio before the theatrical performance – these photos are documents, and at the same time have warmth and joy. Diane Arbus establishes an intimate connection with her characters and affirms their inner strength.

A journey into the world of fairy tales: “Cruel tales. Alexandra Walesiuska and the allegory of the East and the North”

Venue: Vistula Museum – Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
Until: October 2, 2022

Virgins, cats and light-haired snakes are the favorite motifs of a contemporary Polish artist who can combine extremes. Her art ignites the imagination of thousands of followers on social media and arouses the interest of famous art critics. This phenomenon was taken very seriously by the curators, Alison M. Gingeras and Natalia Selewicz, who decided to put the artist’s works alongside the works of twentieth century symbolists or medieval masters, creating a mysterious world of fairy tales.
This action is clever because, on the one hand, it creates a great atmosphere with strong “unfriendly” arrangements, and on the other hand, it is educational. It allows you to trace the similarities and common threads of the works, to see in Waliszewska an intellectual who continues centuries-old artistic traditions.

Art History Outside the Box: Surrealism Beyond Borders

Venue: Tate, London
When: Until August 29, 2022

“Surrealism is not a style, it is a state of mind,” write the authors of the exhibition, which, unlike many previous projects on Surrealism, does not focus on the history of the trend that emerged in Paris in the 1920s, but on the circles that followed it over successive decades around the world From Buenos Aires to Prague to Tokyo. From drawing and photography through poetry to activism. Surrealism appears as a way of escape, liberation of oneself, but it can also indulge in utopias.

The Godfather of Street Photography: “On the Street. Joel Meyrowitz”

Venue: Leica 6×7 Gallery, Warsaw
When: From 1 to 31 July

Back in the ’60s, when he was in his prime, no one was really serious about color in photography or on the street as a subject. However, Mayrowitz, a New Yorker fascinated by the crowd on Fifth Avenue but also by the scenic American county landscapes, followed his own path. He experimented with framing and the meanings that came from it, theoretically having published dozens of books. Today it is still in good condition, enjoying the status of a classic and the godfather of street photography, which has become one of the most popular contemporary trends in this field of art.

Women Behind the Lens: Ourselves – Artist Portraits by Helen Kornblum

Venue: MoMA, New York
When: Until October 2

Intimate portraits are intertwined with engaging documents, and avant-garde experiences with business achievements. The exhibition belongs to the Helen Kornblum collection and presents 90 photographs taken over a period of 100 years. All photos were taken by women. One of the exhibition’s creators’ themes is artist Silvia Kolpowski’s statement from 1984: “Society eats bad and bad girls.”

Body focus: useless bodies? Elmgreen & Dragset

Venue: Fondazione Prada, Milan
When: Until August 22, 2022

The Scandinavian duo of artists has been gaining worldwide fame with their installation since 2005. Elmgreen & Dragset has created a Prada boutique with its latest collection on shelves in the Chihuahua Desert, about 40 miles northwest of Marfa. Now they have a gallery with a great vision in Milan. The exhibition covers all levels and the Fondazione Prada square, its theme being the body. What has become of the post-industrial age? How is the material still? How has our attitude to the organism and our physical importance changed due to the pandemic? Artists ask about all this in their works.

Bownik Study: “Undercoat”

Venue: Central Museum of Textiles, ód
When: Until July 24

– Why are these pictures still the same as before? Maybe they should for a moment become something completely new – said Bownik in an interview with, commenting on his first solo exhibition. His well-known cycles of plants, circles or clothing, depicted after being turned out, as well as entirely new works acquire an interesting context thanks to the exhibition space in an old textile mill and thanks to the vision of curator Magdalena Ziółkowska. An interesting theme in this narrative is that of clothing, which preserves the memory of the body, aspirations, and everyday life as well.

Men’s Section: Masculinity Fashion: The Art of Menswear

Venue: Victoria and Albert Museum, London
When: By November 6, 2022

Designers and artists, but also customers and models, through the clothes they make and wear, choose and shape the image of the modern man. The gallery’s creators look at men’s fashion, arriving at whimsical fanciful visions of the court from the 16th century. They appreciate the craftsmanship of the nineteenth century that follows a slender body, and end up with contemporary visions of the most pioneering designers, such as Craig Green or Grace Wales Bonner.

Women’s Fight Continues: “Barbara Krueger: Pete Lachine / Please Cry”

Venue: Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin
When: By August 28, 2022

Barbara Krueger, author of the famous work Your Body is a Battlefield, fought for women’s rights with her art at the end of the 1960s. Her work grew along with the successes of women’s social movements, but as it turned out nearly 50 years later, she was needed again. In Poland, access to legal abortion is practically non-existent, and it may disappear again in many US states. Meanwhile, Krueger walks into the Neue Nationalgalerie and covers its floor with new combat emblems.

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