OFF Festival Katowice 2022: jazz, rap, pop, bigbit, indie and even, in a sense, disco polo

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It has never been so selective in the OFF festival, however we are a festival that loves to extremes. Because we know you love them – we read in the latest festival announcement. Organizers have announced more artists who will play in Katowice.

Kamal Williams

Henry Wu has proven to be the driving force behind the duo of Youssef Kamal, one of the most recognizable names in London’s new jazz, although the musician’s interests and potential extend far beyond jazz with the more open form. He now operates under the name Kamaal Williams and on the Frontiers of Realms conjures up fantastic adventures for equally troubled spirits from his consoles. A Pitchfork reviewer describing the album “Wu Hen” claims that it is “a no man’s land between emotional fire and smooth jazz.” Perhaps no one, but how wonderful!


Shakya Camille Richmond is a Chicago multi-instrumental singer and producer. She is an excellent representative of that generation of artists for whom the differences between soul, jazz, and experimental electronics are somewhat of a medieval fable. Her debut album, “Forever Ya Girl” has appeared on several top albums lists 2020. The Guardian reviewer says there is “a stunningly rich and beautiful picture of personal and social liberation”.


“Don’t bother with words, because actions matter,” says Dziarma on his debut album. In fact, he is a business man. Started as a teenager she started out in talent shows and sings songs for her idols, but as she grew up she found her own voice – between modern pop and painfully honest rap. At the end of 2021, she released her first album, including productions atutowego, 2latefor, The Returners and 2K, which makes us realize the lack of such expressive female characters in Polish hip-hop and its surroundings.

oxford drama

Released in 2021, the third album from this Wrocław duo titled “What’s the Deal with Time?”. We answer the question in the title: The point is, it’s time for the largest audience possible to appreciate this indie pop pearl. Małgorzata Dryjańska and Marcin Mrówka create songs that flow slowly, but convey a lot of emotions, most of them positive. I hope your entire festival is like Oxford Drama Musical.


He studied singing in London, took up opera music, but returned to Poland. And fortunately, because there are no such sounds in Polish pop music. We also have this kind of pop as medicine – where from subtle and noble details we build a whole that can delight the masses. Jan attracted attention with the song “Do You Wanna Come Over?” that was released in 2020, but it only brings its full potential, like the multicolored peacock tail, to this year’s EP “Power.” In fact, there is strength!

Camille Hussain

Until recently, he was driving an Uber, so one possible scenario could look like this: Kamil, who wants to make the customer’s trip fun, turns on the radio, and The Weeknd’s song is right there. Or was it one of Combi’s greatest hits of the ’80s? “I want it too” – thinks Camille and moves from words to deeds. Specifically: to write and sing songs with enormous potential. Simply select ‘I have to go there on my own’ or ‘Mandala’. Something tells us that in a moment there will be a serious reshuffle at the forefront of Polish pop…

Frankie’s Vegetable and Little Buddha

As comfortable at the local veggie as he is at TikTok, Franek Drażba feels comfortable eating his veggies. Thanks to this, he could run with a smile on the sleepers like the ecstasy prepared by the little Buddha. From hyperpop to techno, from art galleries through internet nooks and crannies straight to the theater of.


It is said that Hubert and Cura met on Instagram, wrote about the chairs, hence the name of the project. The fact that they did not play together in one room did not prevent them from composing music together and signing a contract – with the label Tygrysy, run by Błaej Król – but in Katowice they would be present not only in spirit but also in body. They say, “Our music sounds like post punk, but we record and produce it in a hip-hop fashion.” Whatever they did, the result was amazing.


A band from Tri-City loves electric guitars, beautiful melodies, pastels and slightly psychedelic sounds. They will love those who delight in the more ambitious face of big polish, but also those who followed the British guitar boom of the 1980s and 1990s. Not the end of the story. For us the flowers will bloom beautifully.

Oyster Boy

“Nostalgia Will Kill Me” – moans the title of one of the Oysterboy songs, all in fact made of longing, emotions and sighs. This hides the pseudonym Piotr Kołodyński, singer of the Terrific Sunday group, who, on his own, by his own means and his merodami cottage, discovers a new way to independence. “Everything that has a beginning ends,” Oyster Boye notes in the same piece. Well, but his career is just getting started.

Has risen

If they were commercially successful with their original lineups, they could be called a super group, but since they were essentially artistic victories, we can say this group is fantastic. Małgorzata Penkalla (Enchanted Hunters), Szymon Lechowicz (Sorja Morja), and Kamil Hordyniec (Wilga) play catchy, though musically sophisticated, songs as aspiring pop flirts with smart rock. Debut “Bo!” This is one of the best Polish albums of the season, so we can’t miss them at the OFF Festival.

Bologna Disco

The group, who instead of frowning and angry at Disco Polo, instead of fleeing in panic and insults, treats this musical and social phenomenon as a source of inspiration. Artists (known, among others, Enchanted Hunters, Wczasów, Jerzy Igor, Sorja Morji), as well as people without musical experience, form teams and create a piece around a particular topic in a single day. This creates an alternative – in both senses – the history of disco polo, including songs so good that we should not ignore them.

The Festival of Katowice 2022 will take place from August 5-7, traditionally in the Three Ponds Valley. To be announced in advance: Iggy Pop, Central Cee, Metronomy, Mura Masa, Bedoes, Rina Sawayama, Bikini Kill, Ghetts, DIIV, ROMY, Papa Dance game “below Criticism”, Alyona Alyona, Kacperczyk, Pi’erre Bourne, Altın Gün Molchat Doma, Dry Cleaning, WaluśKraksaKryzys plays “MiłyMłodyCzłowiek”, Q, Prospa, DJ Seinfeld presents Mirrors: Live, Erika de Casier, Myd (LIVE BAND), Lordofon, Natalie Bergman, Arooj Aftab, McCorvena, Acti Makubra, Yard Frank Leen, Sofia Kourtesis, Charlotte Adigéry, Bolis Pupul, Ela Minus, Ćpaj Stajl, Asthma, Mdou Moctar, The Armed, Jaubi, Crows, Squid, Lex Amor, Duchy, Georgia, Midsommar, and others… .

In addition, on August 4, five unforgettable parties will take place at five amazing venues in Katowice as part of the OFF Before Feeling Climate? Performers: Eddie Chacon, Jerry & The Pelican System, Alabaster dePlume, Half Waif, Julek Ploski, Pink Sifu & Negro 6′, Jerzyk Krzyżyk, MIKE, nath.

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