TVN attention. Government aid to support refugees from Ukraine

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, many Poles decided to help refugees by inviting them to their rooftops and financing their stay in our country. The government promised money to its supporters. Did he do it? The case was investigated by reporters from TVN Note.

TVN attention. What is the help for those who have supported refugees from Ukraine?

Grzegorz Mordel began helping refugees from Ukraine a few days after the outbreak of war. He made his vacation resort accessible to them. Relying on the promised government assistance, he arranged a roof over his head for him Forty people pay from their own pockets for heating, hot water and electricity.

– Since the government announced that there will be help for every family, I decided to help. I have a hotel, and I thought, “Why not? Let’s do something.” The government will help pay the bills, you don’t have to earn this season. Today I don’t know if I won’t have to order these people to leave this place, because the media will cut us off in an instant – says Mordel.

Mr. Grzegorz’s debts have grown to over 60,000 PLN. – I don’t open any other bills to the media, it makes no sense – sorry Mordel.

The citizens of Ukraine who ended up in Mr. Grzegorz’s position are very grateful for the assistance they provided. My youngest daughter, Nadeja, is sick, has cancer, and uses a wheelchair. They help us rehab at a local hotel. We just finished the treatment and went back to normal life at home and the war started, so we had to flee. We came here without knowing where we are going and what we will do next – says Mrs. Olina. And he adds: – We would like to thank Mr. Grzesiek for taking us here, offering us an apartment and helping him as best he can.

Mr. Grzegorz . Center It works only thanks to the work of volunteers and the help of companies and private institutions. Despite the fact that the owner applied for state assistance at the end of March, he has not received any money so far. – We’re late, actually. I don’t have people working on this for me. We had to check all the PESELs, we weren’t prepared for that logistically – the official admits in a phone interview.

The war in Ukraine. reception points

The situation is slightly different in the large halls, that is, the reception points. over here Government money flows first, but still a large part of the duties fall on the shoulders of people who work for free. – This venue operates thanks to volunteers – confirms Łukasz Horajski, GlobalEXPO Hall Coordinator from the Mazowieckie Voivodship Office.

– I came here on March 18 from Kharkiv, with my mother and a small child, fleeing from the war. We lived here, then I was offered to volunteer and I started helping people. Then I was offered a job, but I had to change my place of residence. People from here helped me find an apartment. Now I work here, I help register refugees who come from Ukraine – says Nastya Kovalenko, refugee, volunteer.

There are more than a hundred permanent volunteers in the hall, including several dozen employees, hired by the owner, county office staff, WOT soldiers and policemen. After two months, everything is working very well, although there are some minor organizational shortcomings.

Until recently, the owner of the hall received 95 PLN per day for one refugee. From the beginning of April, the price was 55 PLN. As part of this money, the owner must provide a roof over his head, accommodation and meals. This is the price set by the Ministry for this type of reception. Other people entering Ukrainians, such as Mr. Grzegorz, will receive similar care, that is, 40 zlotys per day.

“We are doing our best”

The money promised by the government, which was supposed to reach the people a long time ago, did not appear in the accounts of cities and municipalities until the second half of April. From there they are paid by Municipal social welfare centers.

Orders began arriving around March 16th. The first payments are behind us. We’ll try to make the following matters only a matter of time – Promises Magdalena Sudou of the local Family Help Center in Lublin.

– We are a company that was opened only because the government promised to help us. It turns out that all our savings ran out, we sold what we had and stayed that way. There is no way out, we continue to work, I am responsible for these people – assures Grzegorz Mordel.

It is not yet known how long assistance to Ukrainians will be based on self-employment and volunteer work. Many of these people, like Mr. Grzegorz, Was on the verge of bankruptcy.

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