The toilet of the father and the child share the in-house training

A photo of a toilet in a popular supermarket caused a real storm on the web. Her name is responsible. Not everyone agrees that the father has the right to his own space in which he takes care of the child’s hygiene. Do women only go to the bathroom with their children?

toilet for a child

Having a changing table in public places is still a topic not worth considering for many. It is similar to the publicly accessible toilets, which are sprouting unabashedly in Polish cities, heralding the advent of the twenty-first century toilet. It is worth taking Warsaw as an example – when following the Royal Road, which is the most representative part of the city crowded with tourists, you can find sanitary facilities mainly on the underground. Not the best in the streets that attract crowds of Warsaws who want to rest on the Vistula River. If necessary, be patient and humbly line up for a few restrooms. But it is no secret to anyone that these things do not delay.

Parents are well aware of this and have learned more than once that predicting the physiological reactions of the body to the consumption of food and drink is not the strongest point of their children. “Mamo Pi” – this is a motto that will put everyone on their feet. But what do you do when the father is on hand instead of the mother, and the world only provides a toilet for mothers with children? You have to act fast and make a masculine decision. And so, to the astonishment of the ladies present, the man broke into the women’s shelter or took his daughter out of the men’s restroom. Every choice is wrong, and although it is difficult not to consider circumstances extenuating, men are not always comfortable with them.

One of the retail chains offering interior design came up to their expectations. The photo “Daddy’s toilets with a child” posted by a LinkedIn user.

– I do not deal with issues of inclusivity and discrimination on a daily basis, but here IKEA has earned my deepest respect – he wrote in the post. – Men are expected to be a good father, and yes – I’ve experienced discrimination in this area in many places and situations. – added.

A toilet for a father with a child

There was no need to wait for the frontier’s reaction. The debate that erupted under the photo divided commentators into two camps. “Very pleasant, Changing tables in men’s toilets are often missing tooYet it happens that fathers go with their children without their mothers. “A father can love his child just as much, take care of him and take care of him like a mom! Please remember that and appreciate the role of the father in the child’s life”, “Dad is not a problem with the boy, but there is a problem with the daughter. And I think going to the toilet alone can be stressful for a girl,” wrote proponents of the idea.

However, not everyone realized that such a solution is necessary. “I raised two daughters. I had no problem going to the toilet with them on the changing table. I never cared whether the toilet was for mom or dad, because in my opinion it was always for a child,”Communication, which should be a standard, becomes the salvation of the world. If a father realizes that he is being discriminated against by naming, he should consider whether he is sure to direct his parental energy into the right domain. “Can’t there be a toilet for a parent with a child? For me, every stain has its consequences. I saw men entering the toilet with their children of the right sex, should it be separated from my father? I would like to pay tribute to the need for a “nursing room” in which, instead of being fed in the toilet, you can sit comfortably and silently on the sofa with the child, ”- said the opponents.

There were also logical sounds in the field of toilet plastic. Several users noted that calling the room “babysitter’s toilet” would suffice and not elicit any gender-related associations. With the discussion turning to a cute ending, one comment sparked a storm once again. This time my dad complained about the changing rooms in the pool. “How do you deal with the changing room in the pool? Does the presence of a girl entitle you to enter the women’s locker room? I will not enter the male with her ”- wrote one of the parents. And although in this case the solution may also be spaces for families with children, there are still places like therapy.

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Main image source: Khotcharak Siriwong / Getty Images / LinkedIn

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