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Delicacy – a mixture of dried fruits and various types of nuts – is associated primarily with holidays, when it appears as an addition to traditional pastries and desserts. In the snack category, where sweets reign supreme, they’re often not our first choice. Check out why you should take a closer look and include it in your daily diet for good.

Properties of dried fruits and nuts

Delicacies are not only appetizing and delicious, or an addition to breakfast or desserts. They are a source of many valuable nutrients. Hence, they are often included in so-called superfoods – natural nutrients that have a very beneficial effect on our health and well-being, that help prevent diseases of civilization and provide us with a better quality of life.

Nuts are highly nutritious because they contain healthy fatty acids that protect the cardiovascular system and support the functioning of the brain. In addition, nuts contain large amounts of protein and fiber. This means that consuming even a small amount of it (about 20 grams) will leave us feeling pleasantly satiated. On the other hand, the presence of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc or selenium perfectly complements any deficiency in the diet. – Says Anna Somkovska, nutritionist and expert on the Bakal Feed the Mind campaign.

In turn, dried fruits are an essential source of fiber, the intake of which helps prevent constipation, regulates the work of the intestines, and reduces the desire to snack. However, it is worth noting that when ingesting them, we must also hydrate ourselves to avoid diseases of the digestive system.

Any dried fruit we like is a good choice, especially if we want to replace it with sweets. However, in the composition of nuts and dried fruits, you should pay attention to food additives and choose those that do not contain sulfur dioxide (E220), palm oil or glucose-fructose syrup. The range of exotic and traditional dried fruits is very wide. Apricots, thanks to the content of vitamins A and E, have a beneficial effect on the skin and fight free radicals in the body, figs contain iron that supports the production of red blood cells and adds energy, and plums are rich in B vitamins that improve focus. These are just a few examples, but if we bet on it Diversity, we will consume more minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to health – he adds Anna Somkovska, nutritionist and expert on the Bakal Feed the Mind campaign.

It is also worth reaching for new products previously unknown to us – an example is dried acerola, considered the healthiest fruit in the world. It is rich in vitamin C, the daily supply of which is provided by only five dried fruits. Vitamin C helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

Nourishes the body and mind

Dried fruits, and above all nuts, should be especially present in the diet of children, mentally working people and the elderly, because they have a positive effect on the work of the brain, memory and concentration. It is a good idea for women who are pregnant or planning to have children to reach, as they contain folic acid. An interesting and noteworthy combination is a mixture of dried fruits and nuts, commonly known as the “student”. The name is not accidental, as it includes ingredients that add energy, improve memory and focus – this is especially useful for people who are learning and working mentally.

A healthy balance is essential

Despite the healthy properties of nuts and dried fruits, it is worth eating them in moderation and treating them as a tasty and valuable addition, and not the basis of our nutrition. You need to remember that nuts and dried fruits are high in calories and you should be careful about how much – especially when our calorie requirements, for example due to work done while sitting or lack of physical activity, are not high.

Delicacies are an excellent snack for people who love snacks and often have an appetite for sweets or chips. Nuts and dried fruits are healthier alternatives. Nuts satisfy our need for crispness, and fruits, undergoing the drying process, acquire additional sweetness, concentrating their nutrients and replacing us with an unhealthy dessert.

Dried fruits have slightly fewer calories than nuts, although they are still much more than fresh ones. However, nuts and dried fruits – as a healthy addition – help maintain the diet. When we feel the craving for a snack, even a few pieces of dried fruit or nuts will fill us up for longer, preventing hunger pangs.

What do you eat dried fruits?

The combination of dried fruits and nuts can be a snack in their own right. We can easily make them ourselves, and ready-made mixes containing our favorite ingredients are easily available in stores.

Delicacies, in addition to being ideal for sweet pastries, are also worth adding to breakfasts (such as porridge, pancakes, pancakes, cakes). It will also work well as an addition to savory dinner dishes, for example from Thai cuisine. They can be used as an interesting complement to salads or as a base for different types of pesto. There are many variations in them and it all depends on our creativity.

In short, nuts and dried fruits are a real superfood of our time – a wealth of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It can be eaten alone or as an addition to enhance the flavor of dishes and baked goods. Therefore, if we do not have health contraindications and allergies, it is worth including them in your daily menu.

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